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San Francisco-based Rykarda Parasol’s latest single, ‘A Gigolo’s Manifesto,’ masterfully fuses dark lounge rock with ’60s elegance. Through a rich combination of string arrangements, piano, and acoustic guitar, Rykarda creates an atmospheric backdrop that serves as the perfect canvas for a haunting narrative. Drawing inspiration from ’60s psychedelic fusion, the song resonates with the experimental sounds reminiscent of Velvet Underground and Broadcast.

The acoustic guitar serves as the backbone and provides a solid foundation for the track. This is soon joined by the entrance of drums, which add a spasmodic rhythmic dimension that propels the song forward. Strings weave in and out, introducing a touch of dissonance in the background and create a landscape that is both uncomfortably wonderful and alluring. The heavily reverberated piano also plays a crucial role in building the track, with arpeggiated runs that deviate from the conventional, offering an eerie quality to the overall musical composition. However, it is the vocals that steal the show, delivered with a haunting quality akin to Nico or Patti Smith.

Madame Parasol

Lyrically, the track unveils the cold and emotionally detached perspective of the narrator in dealing with a romantic love interest. The protagonist openly admits to not caring about love, keeping to themselves, and avoiding the emotional repercussions of their actions. The repetition of “Love, love is all you think of…” creates a stark contrast between the narrator’s indifference and the idealised focus on love by the other person. The speaker is someone who keeps relationships at arm’s length, only keeping the other person close for their convenience. The lyrics reveal a calculated and unapologetic approach to wasting the other person’s time, emphasising the ease of such actions.

The track aligns with Rykarda’s overall musical evolution, which has transitioned from dark to light while maintaining her distinctive gin-tinged voice and off-center style. The new album, ‘Tuesday Morning,’ offers a deeper exploration of themes such as recovery, relationships, and entanglements, showcasing Rykarda’s skills as both a physical and sonic collagist.

In summary, ‘A Gigolo’s Manifesto’ is a thought-provoking and rich addition to Rykarda Parasol’s discography, providing a glimpse into the intriguing narrative and musicality that awaits listeners on the full ‘Tuesday Morning’ album.

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Rykarda Parasol’s single, ‘A Gigolo’s Manifesto,’ masterfully blends dark lounge rock with ’60s elegance, drawing inspiration from psychedelic fusion and delivering a haunting narrative. The acoustic guitar anchors the track, joined by drums, strings, and a reverberated piano, creating an uncomfortably wonderful landscape, with vocals stealing the show.


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