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Ari Joshua‘s most recent release, ‘Country Stroll,’ stands as a captivating instrumental piece that draws listeners into a musical realm evocative of the artistry found in Oliver Thompson’s works, notably the ‘Welcome to Happiness’ soundtrack. Rooted in Seattle, Joshua collaborates with jazz musicians John Medeski on electric organ and Billy Martin on drums to deliver a musical journey that not only mirrors the innovation seen in Thompson’s compositions but also pays homage to the legendary guitarist Bill Frisell.

The track’s laid-back and cool vibe instantly brings to mind the atmospheric quality found in cinematic creations and I can imagine this track being used in a multitude of movie scenarios. ‘Country Stroll’ isn’t just a musical journey; it’s a dialogue that feels tailor-made for various scenes, offering a nuanced and dynamic palette that could easily enhance cinematic narratives.

The instrumental prowess of the trio is evident as they weave through melodic breaks, solos, and rhythmic nuances. Each instrument bounces off the other and takes it in turn with solo breaks–even the drums get a chance to shine! The guitars have been described as ‘fluffy’ and ‘phat,’ but, I’d go further and say that their sound is smooth, almost silky. The catchy guitar hook and the clever chordal movements are memorable and turnarounds are executed with tremendous skill.

The final outro adds a delightful touch, infusing humour and leaving listeners with a sense of happiness and relaxation, as if they’ve just returned from a charming country stroll.

Ari Joshua Seattle Musician

As part of Ari Joshua’s musical journey, ‘Country Stroll’ marks a significant milestone, showcasing the collaborative brilliance of this trio. The technical excellence behind the track, including Chris Bittner’s engineering, Ed Brooks’ mastering, and Ari Raskin’s mixing, elevates the audio quality to a commendable standard. Additionally, the artwork by Paul Delaney adds a visual dimension to the listening experience, enhancing the overall presentation.

In summary, ‘Country Stroll’ is a testament to the trio’s skill and creativity, reminiscent of the immersive quality found in Oliver Thompson’s cinematic compositions. With its availability on major streaming platforms, this track is a must-listen for those who appreciate innovative instrumental music. It’s a testament to the great work of Ari Joshua, John Medeski, and Billy Martin in crafting a composition that not only captivates but also leaves a lasting, positive impression.

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Ari Joshua’s ‘Country Stroll’ takes listeners on a laid-back and cool musical voyage, expertly weaving melodic breaks and rhythmic nuances alongside jazz virtuosos John Medeski and Billy Martin. Rooted in Seattle and evoking the cinematic brilliance of Oliver Thompson, this track not only celebrates the legendary guitarist Bill Frisell but also stands as a testament to the trio’s skill.


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