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WEZ KING, a seasoned singer/songwriter hailing from Kent, has unveiled his latest release, ‘Officer,’ a dynamic composition recorded at The Libertines studio in Margate and produced by Jason Stafford. With an impressive musical resume, including features in cinemas, SKY TV documentaries, and performances at renowned festivals like The Isle Of Wight Festival 2023, WEZ KING has earned recognition from major radio stations such as BBC Introducing and Radio X.

‘Officer’ features a stellar lineup of musicians, including Sahib Dhinsa (The Motive) on bass, Dan Maggs (The Gallerys) on drums, Zack Schulze (The Zack Schulze Gang) on lead guitar, and Josh Caister (The Circus Birds) on rhythm guitar. The track, mastered by Graham Waller, exudes a melodic intensity reminiscent of The Hoosiers, while also drawing parallels to the energy and heavier sound of Razorlight.

Wez King

WEZ KING’s falsetto notes skilfully blend with the accented ‘street’ vibe to provide a solid vocal delivery and showcase his versatility as a singer. The song is driven by a pulsating rhythm, thanks to pumping bass (which is PHAT!) and well-executed drumming, maintaining an infectious bounce reminiscent of The Streets’ ‘Fit But You Know It.’

The track’s dynamics shine as it seamlessly transitions between robust stacatto’d verses and a strong chorus, preventing any lags. The distorted guitars and a catchy solo contribute to the big sound and offer a perfect balance between melodic hooks and grittiness.

WEZ KING’s previous press accolades highlight his prowess as a diverse and exciting talent. From BBC Introducing’s praise for his “current, exciting, and nostalgic” sound to Radio X’s recognition of him as a “very exciting new singer/songwriter,” WEZ KING continues to impress with his strong vocal delivery and exploration of various musical styles. ‘Officer’ stands as a testament to his ability to create diverse compositions and further solidify his position as a noteworthy force in the UK indie scene.

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WEZ KING’s latest release, ‘Officer,’ showcases the Kent-based singer/songwriter’s dynamic fusion of gritty vocals and pulsating rhythms. With echoes of The Hoosiers and Razorlight, the track impressively balances melodic hooks and intense instrumentation, solidifying WEZ KING’s status as a compelling force in the UK indie scene.


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