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My Life As A Moth‘s latest single, ‘Heated Heart,’ is an über chic addition to her repertoire, setting the stage for an upcoming debut album with a blend of vintage vibes and contemporary coolness. Produced by the acclaimed Rob Ellis, known for his work with PJ Harvey and Anna Calvi among others, the track showcases My Life As A Moth’s continued collaboration with a stellar lineup of talents, including Ben Christophers (Bat For Lashes) and Adrian Utley (Portishead).

From the outset, ‘Heated Heart’ exudes a laid-back vibe, with dreamy acoustic guitar and subtle synth lines creating a cool, summery atmosphere. The instrumentation builds gradually, adding layers and depth to the production while leaving ample space for the relaxed yet focused vocals to shine. The combination of acoustic and electric guitars, along with the clever use of synth brass, adds a rich texture to the song, enhancing its dreamlike quality but building at exactly the right moments.

The chorus is expertly crafted with lush backing vocals that frame and elevate the melody’s, and eventually intertwine with the lead vocals as the song progresses. These additional layers add a sense of warmth and depth to the track, reinforcing its impact and providing a beautiful contrast to the more stripped-back verses. The arrangement demonstrates a keen attention to detail and a mastery of dynamics, with each section of the song flowing seamlessly into the next.

There’s a distinct vintage quality to ‘Heated Heart,’ also reminiscent of classic Britpop sounds but with a contemporary edge akin to artists like Aldous Harding. My Life As A Moth’s vocal delivery also channels a sense of nostalgia, evoking shades of Nico’s emotive style in ‘Sunday Morning,’ while maintaining a fresh, modern appeal. The lyrics further enhance this nostalgia, exploring themes of self-love and empowerment with a poetic sincerity that resonates deeply.

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My Life As A Moth’s words on the song — “This song is very much about embodying self-love, and learning to love yourself enough to know that you deserve better in your life. It’s fun and free-spirited and feels like a celebration of self.” — underscore the song’s uplifting message and its celebration of individuality. This sentiment is further brought to life in the accompanying video, which embraces a ’60s retro vibe and mirrors the song’s message of fun and free-spiritedness.

‘Heated Heart’ is a triumph for My Life As A Moth, showcasing her evolving sound and distinctive artistic vision. With its seamless blend of vintage charm and contemporary flair, the single serves as an exciting glimpse into what promises to be an exceptional debut album. Fans of introspective lyricism, vintage inflections, and infectious melodies alike will find much to admire in this captivating release; we certainly did!

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My Life As A Moth enchants with latest single ‘Heated Heart,’ blending vintage vibes with contemporary allure. Produced by industry titans, this track is a captivating glimpse into the forthcoming debut album.


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