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Many bands and artists embark on a journey of musical experimentation, weaving together various styles to craft a distinctive sound. The roots of this exploration stretch back to The Beatles’ groundbreaking ventures in 1966 with hits like ‘Paperback Writer,’ paving the way for iconic albums such as ‘Revolver’ and ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’. After The Beatles, many artists used sound effects and when electronic synhtesizers and drum machines were introduced a whole new music scene emerged. As electronic music peaked in the 1980s, even rock-oriented groups began seamlessly blending synthesizers with their guitar sounds. It’s not unusual anymore to see these kind of fusions. Amidst this diverse musical landscape, we didn’t expect to stumble upon a band with a genuinely unique sound based on a mix of rock, pop and electronic. Yet, Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners have defied expectations with their latest offering ‘Monroe’.

Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners’ music reflects a broad range of influences that have shaped their sound. Despite being based in Hastings, UK, they mainly draw inspiration from the American music scene. Their musical style encompasses various genres, from the alternative rock vibes of bands like Eels to the pop-rock tunes of Grandaddy, and the indie-pop sounds akin to Beck and MGMT.

‘Monroe’ catches listeners attention immediately with its infectious pop beats, propelled by a driving bass and unique vocals that are reminiscent of Mark Oliver Everett. The hooky melody embeds itself firmly, while an unconventional synth adds a distinct, almost eerie quality that paradoxically complements the energetic and upbeat pop vibe. After the chorus, the influence of ’80s synths and drum sounds becomes apparent. The synths take the lead, delivering an engaging, upbeat riff that blends seamlessly with the eerie background melodies. This unique combination puts Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners on a different level, evoking a psychedelic vibe while maintaining coherence. During the break, the psychedelic atmosphere intensifies as harmonic vocals merge with the synth riff and drumbeat.

The producer deserves praise for achieving a balanced mix of sound effects and melody, ensuring clarity despite the track’s complexity – each instrument has its own rightful place, with distorted guitars adding depth to the outro.

Thematically, ‘Monroe’ delves into the realm of nostalgia, exploring the complexities of past relationships and the enduring bonds that transcend the passage of time.

‘Monroe’ is Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners’ first official release this year with more to follow in 2024. They strike a perfect marriage between rock, pop, psych and synthesizer based music. This song is a great ride and I look forward to more!

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Al Mitchell & The New Born Sinners incorporate elements ranging from alternative rock to indie-pop in their latest release ‘Monroe,’ which will catch listeners with its infectious pop beats and nostalgic themes.


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