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Numerous musicians aspire for their children to inherit their passion for music, and across music history, illustrious figures like Bob Dylan and his son Jakob (of Wallflowers), Bob Marley and his son Ziggy, and even Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day have seen their musical legacies carried forward by their offspring. Enter Mercurius, a father-son band from Morpeth, UK, featuring James Brown on vocals and Paul Brown mastering guitars, bass, and drums.

Their most recent release, ‘Make A Difference,’ crafted by Paul, ventures into a captivating blend of indie rock, classic rock and Brit pop. The track boldly champions the notion of empowering younger voices to shape the world’s trajectory, questioning the conventional belief that experience alone defines one’s readiness for responsibility.

Launching into the track, a guitar-driven melody takes the lead, accompanied by a reverberating bass line with a deep sound and expertly well produced drums that commands immediate attention. The vocals carry a resonance, enhanced further by harmonious verses and great guitar licks. The style of the song reminds me of Morrissey.

Just before the melodic chorus kicks in, a bass walk subtly intensifies and elevates the buildup to the chorus. It’s a facet I truly appreciate in a composition, where the bass guitar claims a prominent role, dictating the song’s rhythm. The chorus’s lyrics echo the song’s theme, “Nevermind what’s on your mind, you’re far too young to feel important,” evoking imagery of elders on a park bench lamenting the younger generation.

The guitar solo, striking a delicate balance akin to Slash’s melodic style, subtly intertwines heavy rock influences into the song’s indie rock essence. Despite its non-heavy rock nature, the solo demands a certain level of skill to execute—a reminiscent nod to the artistry of the Manic Street Preachers. What truly distinguishes Mercurius is their prowess with the guitar and bass, driving the song and paving the way for the compelling vocals. This duo, bound by familial ties, possesses a remarkable talent for crafting catchy rock tunes, leaving eager anticipation for more from this dynamic father-son duo.

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Mercurius showcases their compelling blend of indie and classic rock in ‘Make A Difference,’ challenging conventional wisdom by empowering younger voices through captivating melodies, resonant vocals, and skillful guitar work, distinguishing themselves as a father and son duo to watch.


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