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In their latest release, ‘Milan Kundera is Dead,’ Arrows of the Sun delicately explore the complexities of emotions and memories. This melodic indie rock track serves as a reflective journey, inviting listeners to delve into a mix of heartfelt sentiments. Seamlessly blending emotive melodies with thoughtful storytelling, the song navigates the terrain of literature and cinema, all while acknowledging the significance of Milan Kundera’s passing in 2023. It’s a sincere tribute that resonates with the essence of loss and celebrates the enduring influence of the renowned author.

Milan Kundera, the Czech and French novelist, renowned for his magnum opus ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being,’ becomes the emotional focal point of this track. With its gentle, lo-fi indie essence, ‘Milan Kundera is Dead’ resonates as an enduring piece destined to stand the test of time.

Arrows of the Sun Oxford Band

Originating from a small village near Oxford, UK, Arrows of the Sun, led by vocalist John Bond, manifests as a tight-knit indie rock ensemble of friends. Their music merges folk and indie rock, weaving acoustic and electric guitars with captivating melodies and a rhythmic core of drums, bass, and synth. Their visual aesthetics and promotional content predominantly centre around nature and landscapes, symbolising a yearning to seize the chaotic rush of our world and gently decelerate its pace.

The song opens with a blend of two guitars: one delivers an engaging arpeggio riff, while the other provides harmonious chords. You can hear influences from Arcade Fire and Silversun Pickups echoing through the music. When the vocals join the mix, it reminds me of Airborne Toxic Event’s ‘Sometime around Midnight,’ but ‘Milan Kundera is Dead’ is less heavy on the guitars. There is also a strong similarity in the vocal tones to Guy Chadwick of ’80s/’90s band The House of Love. The mix of these styles creates a unique sound that resonates and adds depth to the song. While the melody undergoes subtle shifts, the chorus remains a steadfast presence, amplifying the emotional resonance intensified by the drums and the strumming guitars. Throughout, the song adeptly captures the sombre essence of the lyrics, weaving a poignant narrative.

‘Milan Kundera is Dead’ becomes an enchanting testament to a literary luminary through its enthralling melody, emotively delivered vocals, and the lyrical craftsmanship exhibited by Arrows of the Sun. This ode to a great writer stands as a beautiful testament to their artistry and musical finesse.

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Arrows of the Sun’s ‘Milan Kundera is Dead’ is a moving indie tribute that blends emotive melodies and beautiful lyrics, honoring both lost emotions and the legacy of an iconic author.


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