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Electric Rime‘s debut single ‘Tales‘ serves as a poignant reflection of the tumultuous times preceding the full-scale war in Ukraine. Hailing from Kyiv, Ukraine, the band captures the essence of uncertainty and impending disaster with haunting melodies and evocative lyrics.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered in their hometown, the track emanates the emotional turmoil and tension of the era. Electric Rime’s indie/alternative sound, characterised by understated but powerful guitars, emotive vocals, and a melancholic atmosphere, indicates that this is a band to keep an eye on.

“‘Tales’ is a powerful song that captures the feeling of an impending disaster. The lyrics were finished just days before the full-scale war in Ukraine started,” says Alina Fedorova, the vocalist of Electric Rime.

Alina’s vocals, reminiscent of Shirley Manson and Dido, command attention with confidence and poise. Performed in a beautifully paced manner against the backdrop of funky distorted bass grooves and dark, melancholic keyboard sweeps, her delivery adds depth and emotion to the narrative woven throughout the song.

The bass and drums provide a solid foundation for the track, with the funky distorted bass grooves adding a layer of complexity to the music. Meanwhile, the drums drive the song forward with their tight and precise rhythms, contributing to the overall dynamic and energy of the track, which takes an unusually laid-back yet decisive approach. The guitars provide some real interest between sections of the song, with a lovely ’80s vibe that lifts and dynamically shifts things at the right times. An understated lead break also seamlessly moves ‘Tales’ along into the fantastic end section, where the vocals hit full emotive throttle.


Despite its nearly six-minute runtime, ‘Tales’ held my attention throughout by utilising a clever arrangement and infectious hooks. The repeated refrain, “Swallowing, swallowing my mind,” echoed with me long after the song finished, showcasing Electric Rime’s ability to craft catchy and memorable music in a clever manner.

Lyrically, the song confronts the senselessness of war and its devastating consequences on individuals and societies. Crafted just days before the outbreak of conflict, the lyrics offer a poignant reflection of the impending disaster, urging listeners to contemplate the futility of violence and the enduring power of love and resilience.

I saw battlefields,

With no winning side.

All that’s left is here,

Lies between the trench lines.

No one waves the flags,

No one trusts no one.

Those who believe in tales,

Shouldn’t start a war.

Tales‘ by Electric Rime

Tales’ by Electric Rime stands as a remarkable debut, highlighting the band’s talent and potential in the indie/alternative music scene. With its emotive storytelling and captivating musicality, the song establishes Electric Rime as an emerging force, poised to make waves with their tight, original sound, solid vocals, and meaningful lyrics.

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Electric Rime’s debut single ‘Tales’ from Kyiv, Ukraine, presents haunting melodies and emotive storytelling, encapsulating the uncertainty preceding war. With powerful vocals and a dynamic musical backdrop, it delivers a poignant reflection on the futility of violence and the enduring power of resilience.
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