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Dude Safari, the Surrey-based quartet, make a powerful return with their latest single, ‘High In The Clouds,’ released today via Pretty Thing Records. Following the success of their debut album, ‘YUSSUS,’ the band are sure to continue making waves with this anthemic Grunge-Pop track.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Weezer, Dinosaur Pile-Up, and Reuben, the song kicks off with an attention-grabbing, reverb-soaked guitar riff, setting the stage for what’s to come. The pacing of the song, reminiscent of Pixies’ signature control, adds a unique strength. Despite its understated and slower pace, ‘High In The Clouds’ stands out, showcasing Dude Safari’s ability to create music that leaves a lasting impression.

The verses build steadily, punctuated by a brief pre-chorus drop-out that heightens anticipation for the impactful chorus. As the chorus hits, we’re treated to a powerful combination of solid vocals, an infectious melody, and well-crafted backing vocals—a top formula to make any song memorable.

Dude Safari continue showcasing their musical prowess in the second verse by introducing a distorted bass and eerily whispered backing vocals to add a different depth and richness to the musical landscape. The song doesn’t shy away from dynamic shifts either, and a standout solo break highlights the band’s ability to infuse tight rhythmic nuances, keeping the track engaging and interesting.

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The track concludes with an almost looped, hypnotic ending, featuring repeated vocals and steady instruments, creating a sense of closure while still leaving room for the listener’s imagination. One notable aspect is the intentional decision to forego an extra repeat of the chorus at the end. While some may see it as a missed opportunity, it serves the purpose of leaving us, the audience, wanting more—a strategic move that tells me this band know what they’re doing.

In this track, Dude Safari not only delivers a Grunge-Pop anthem but also affirms their position as a band with a distinctive and refreshing sound. With ‘High In The Clouds,’ the quartet continues to captivate audiences and build anticipation for what they’ll offer next.

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Surrey-based quartet Dude Safari makes a strong comeback with their latest Grunge-Pop single, ‘High In The Clouds.’ The anthemic track, released via Pretty Thing Records, showcases their distinctive sound and musical prowess, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what comes next in their journey.
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