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Welcome to today’s interview with Nerida, an electrifying indie rock band hailing from Lyon, France, whose latest EP ‘Byron Bay‘ is causing waves. Bursting with swelling melodies and head-banging riffs, each track on the EP takes listeners on an adventurous journey. Nerida comprises PL on Bass, Flavien on Drums, Nathan as the Guitar-playing Singer, and Virgile on Guitar, with their distinct blend of influences shaping their unique sound. And, behind the scenes, we have Yann Lavocat, the mastermind sound engineer who played a pivotal role in bringing the EP to life. Join us as we delve into the inspiration, creation, and stories behind this captivating EP.

Thanks for joining us guys. Can you tell us what sparked the decision to name the EP ‘Byron Bay,’ and how does the title reflect the overall theme or vibe of the music?

‘Byron Bay’ is a song about someone leaving a loved one for adventure’s sake. The hero bids farewell with a heavy heart but knowing the quest for a very far destination is for the better. The song is about compromise and a risk-taking adventure, like the journey to Byron Bay (the easternmost point of continental Australia).

With such diverse influences within the band, how do you manage to find common ground when writing new songs, and does each member contribute equally to the creative process?

The process is usually the same but we don’t have rules regarding the role of each one of us. We build the song up from a riff, a few chords or a jam session, then we find a groove between the bass and drums, and the additional guitars come afterwards.

Concerning the lyrics, it’s either the very first or very last part of the writing of a song. It depends on whether we find our ‘in’ via the music or the words.

The EP features a range of emotions and themes. Is there a specific message or feeling you hope listeners take away after experiencing the entirety of ‘Byron Bay’?

‘Byron Bay’ and ‘Remède’ are both a glimpse of emotion, a color or feeling we transcribed through our music. ‘No Story,’ pretty self-explanatory if you take a look at the lyrics, it tells our view on the limits of social media. Furthermore, ‘That Day’ is a break-up song. The 4 songs don’t really share a common message, you can see each song as a whole, united by the sound we chose to tell these stories. 

Can you share a memorable or funny moment from the recording sessions with Yann Lavocat? Any unexpected challenges or surprises that added a unique touch to the EP?

The recording session with the bass and drums was a bit strange for us. Yann wanted us to play only bass and drums on stage, but in an empty venue, which was a bit disturbing for us, but he managed to get the live feeling and sound of the room. We had fun going through Yann’s archives looking for specific sounds thanks to his gear, or, going back in time with his old tapes. 

With the release of ‘Byron Bay’ EP, what’s next on the horizon for Nerida? Any upcoming projects, collaborations, or goals the band is excited to pursue in the near future?

We have already recorded a new record, with a new drummer, Flavien, and a whole new artistic direction. We will take a leap further into our universe but with a more immersive and consistent EP.


OK, and finally… a fun question. If each of you had to describe the EP using only one word, what would those words be, and why?

PL: ‘Crossroads’ – because each song seems to go a different way.
Virgile: ‘Adventure’ – the global theme of the EP, in the lyrics and the music.
Nathan: ‘Live!’ At each show, ‘Byron Bay’ always moves the crowd.

Thank you Nerida for taking the time out to chat with us and provide a glimpse into the world of the captivating EP, ‘Byron Bay.’ From the scenic landscapes of Lyon, France, to the landscapes they create with their music, Nerida is a band pushing boundaries and captivating audiences. With a new record already on the horizon and a fresh artistic direction, it’s clear that this journey is only just beginning for Nerida. Keep your ears peeled for their next musical adventure, because here at TIG… we certainly are!

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