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Cork troubadour extraordinaire, Podge Lane, resurfaces for the release of his 3rd studio album with the unveiling of the rather delightful and equally infectious ‘Down‘. His influences may be firmly planted within the Alternative-Country sub-genre occupied by The Avett Brothers and more mainstream Country icons such as John Prine, but this offering could comfortably grace the hallowed grooves of ‘Hunky Dory’ or ‘Electric Warrior.’

It’s easy to understand why Podge Lane is receiving praise and accolades in equal measure. I believe this trend will only continue to rise with his latest release. To my ears, ‘Down’ represents a seismic shift from Podge Lane’s timeless, soulful folk showcased in ‘Hey Bartender’ and ‘You Can’t Change The Way You Laugh’. Nonetheless, if this marks the beginning of new growth, then the flowers still smell as sweet.

What Podge Lane has at his disposal enables him to truly realise his vision, but every multi-instrumentalist will have one superpower, and his is an almost ‘God-mode’ ability for picking out a melody that will live with you for days. Add to this a voice that is beautifully pitched with just the right amount of grit, wit, honesty, and melancholy, and you have limitless potential.

So, to ‘Down’; an acerbic, tongue-in-cheek swipe at the negative-nellies that surround us and drag us ‘down, down, down’, as the man himself repeats. ‘Down’ is a simple blues-based shuffle that calls back to its main theme throughout and offers modulated variations to form the bedrock for the lead break; it’s a nice touch! As are the accents, which almost feel like a drunken stumble in the middle of the double chorus. The song bundles along nicely with some simple high-register piano punctuating the groove, and everything sits nicely within the mix. Podge doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel here, settling for a comforting binary song structure, but the mini-breakdown at the 2-minute mark resets the ears before the riotous finale; perhaps a little nod to the Thin White Duke here? You decide.   

There’s plenty here to make you smile and tap and nod along within a comparatively short sub-3-minute window. And, after the first few listens, I couldn’t help but notice elements reminiscent of Butch Walker, which, in my opinion, is never a bad thing!

In summary, ‘Down’ by Podge Lane stands out as a compelling track that showcases versatility and talent. With catchy hooks, clever lyrics, and subtle musical touches, the song leaves a lasting impression and helps to build anticipation for the forthcoming album.

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In his latest release, ‘Down’, Cork troubadour Podge Lane showcases his versatility and skill with catchy hooks and clever lyrics. With nods to various musical influences, Podge Lane’s talent shines through, promising continued success in his musical journey.
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