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Hailing from the vibrant musical landscape of Manchester, UK, Olivia Booth emerges as a formidable force with her debut band track, ‘SATISFIED.’ A rising artist and songwriter, Olivia’s musical journey unfolds with a promise of dynamism and emotion. This up-tempo, crowd-pleaser not only showcases her sultry warm vocals and impressive songwriting but also introduces a cool indie pop-meets-R&B-meets-reggae vibe that demands attention.

‘SATISFIED,’ Olivia Booth’s inaugural band track, starts with acoustic guitar and vocals, instantly captivating the listener. Olivia’s vocals, haunting and warm, serve as the centrepiece, guiding listeners through a narrative that delves into a coming-of-age theme, highlighting the realisation that personal growth may lead to outgrowing certain aspects of relationships.

Olivia Booth Singer

The transition into an electrifying mix of guitars and drums is nothing short of a musical revelation. The seamless shift propels the song into an up-tempo, crowd-pleasing experience and creates an almost punk rock atmosphere that makes you want to move! The drums, in particular, emerge as a driving force and skillfully connect the diverse sections.

The chorus, a crowning achievement, not only boasts commercial appeal for music fans but I can also hear it being used in TV commercials or even movies. Its infectious quality leaves an indelible impression. Olivia’s vocal delivery is uniquely interesting and marked by distinctive slides and twists that make her voice instantly recognisable, a standout feature.

The middle 8 introduces an unexpected yet delightful surprise – an impressive held note… nearly on par with Jeff Buckley’s ‘Hallelujah’ moment… not quite, but nearly! This shows Olivia is an artist not afraid to take risks and push boundaries.

Olivia Booth Singer

Recorded and produced by Jonothan Tringham at Allo Sound, the production quality complements Olivia’s vocals and the musicians, resulting in a well-crafted and engaging track.

Influenced by a diverse array of artists, including Ed Sheeran, Sam Fender, Bastille, and Arctic Monkeys, Olivia has a sound that transcends genres. ‘SATISFIED’ stands at the intersection of modern R&B, indie pop, reggae, and even hints of punk, creating a unique and memorable listening experience.

In conclusion, ‘SATISFIED’ is more than just a debut track; it showcases Olivia Booth’s diverse talent. Addressing relationship complexities and coming-of-age themes, Olivia demonstrates her willingness to experiment, marking her as an emerging artist with the potential to make a lasting impact on the music scene.

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Emerging from Manchester’s vibrant music scene, Olivia Booth’s debut band track, ‘SATISFIED,’ is an up-tempo crowd-pleaser that seamlessly blends indie pop, R&B, and reggae influences. With haunting vocals, distinctive melodies, and a willingness to experiment, Olivia’s genre-defying sound marks her as an artist to watch, promising a lasting impact on the diverse landscape of the music scene.
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