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Hailing from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, Kiey embarked on his musical journey with the 2019 debut album, ‘Night To Myself,’ exploring the darker realms of music. Transitioning boldly, his sophomore release ‘Sunday Sanctuary’ showcased a vibrant electro-pop sound, marked by four music videos and a Vietnamese single. Drawing inspiration from Troye Sivan, Lana Del Rey, and others, Kiey now ventures into a more instrumental indie sound, evident in his latest song, ‘white boy i sat next to on the plane.’

Kiey’s latest single takes you on a captivating journey, blending hypnotic and bittersweet tones. The opening piano and genre-tailored vocals immediately grab your attention. The lyrics, fused with the melodic hooks at the end of each verse, craft a memorable and relatable narrative, delving into a tale of unfulfilled desire with an intimate falsetto.

These chorus/hook lines, gentle and understated, carry a quiet power that complements the mood. But, for me, the song changes with a standout moment at 2:10 when avant-garde-esque chords introduce an intriguing layer and add a slightly discomforting but poignant touch. They add something unusual to the structure of the track that works well and allows Kiey to then move the direction of the song into another, different, melodic pattern.

In ‘white boy i sat next to on the plane,’ Kiey paints a vivid picture of unspoken emotions and missed connections. The lyrics create a fantasy world sparked by Kiey’s personal experience on a plane, where unspoken emotions became the inspiration for the piece. The song serves as a vessel for Kiey’s introspection, transforming raw emotions into a beautifully crafted narrative of desire and longing.


As Kiey teases his forthcoming third album, ‘white boy i sat next to on the plane’ provides a sneak peek into the artist’s evolution. With a foray into a simpler, instrumental indie sound—featuring laidback drums, pianos, and strings with loops and samples—Kiey promises a unique journey. And, the new single, not just a musical experience but a lyrical exploration of unspoken emotions, leaves listeners eagerly anticipating Kiey’s next chapter.

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Kiey’s latest single, ‘white boy i sat next to on the plane,’ weaves a mesmerising tale of unfulfilled desires through hypnotic sounds and intimate lyricism. The song’s poignant narrative, coupled with Kiey’s adept blend of dreamy atmospheres and grounded storytelling, makes it a compelling preview of his evolving musical exploration.
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