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Hailing from Boston, rapidly rising artist Kelsey Blackstone has been making waves in the music scene with her award-winning talents. Drawing comparisons to the likes of Olivia Rodrigo and the Black Keys, Kelsey, a Berklee College of Music graduate, has been captivating audiences across the Northeast with her unique blend of pop hooks and authentic rock energy.

In her latest release, a cover of Arctic Monkeys’ ‘505,’ Kelsey Blackstone and her band deliver a soulful reinvention of a sleaze rock classic. The cover kicks off on a mellow note with atmospheric nuances from electric piano, saxophones and trumpets, setting the stage for Kelsey’s soulful vocals that initially evoke shades of Kate Bush in some melodic twists and dips. However, things soon change, and the song takes an unexpected turn, accelerating in tempo with a pop-punk rock vocal shift reminiscent of Paramore’s Hayley Williams.

The track features excellent musicianship, showcasing a mix of instruments that might seem unconventional on paper for this kind of track, but they come together seamlessly, creating a tantalising energy. Noteworthy is a brief sax solo interlude that adds a unique and mellower touch before the song dives back into a heavier section, where Kelsey’s vocals now exude passion and emotion.

The song builds to a powerful crescendo, surpassing the impact of the original. Kelsey’s interpretation, laden with 2010s nostalgia, injects a thrillingly modern feel into the classic. ‘505’ has become a staple in her setlist, serving as a testament to Kelsey’s ability to breathe new life into a well-known song.

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While the original ‘505’ by Arctic Monkeys is known for its more melancholic tone and reflective lyrics, Kelsey Blackstone’s cover takes the song to new heights with a unique blend of soulful vocals, tempo changes, and a dynamic instrumental mix. The track’s crescendo, in particular, adds a powerful and poignant dimension that distinguishes it.

‘505’ is just another testament to Kelsey Blackstone’s rapid ascent in the music industry and this innovative cover showcases her ability to infuse charisma, emotion, and grit into her music, solidifying her place among the most promising talents of today.

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Boston-based artist Kelsey Blackstone, drawing comparisons to Olivia Rodrigo and the Black Keys, presents a soulful reinvention of Arctic Monkeys’ ‘505’ in her latest release. Laden with atmospheric nuances, unexpected tempo shifts, and a powerful crescendo, Kelsey’s cover breathes new life into the classic, showcasing her rapid ascent in the music industry.


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