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Walrus Fog is a one-man project and multi-instrumentalist from Las Vegas who has been jamming solo and with various bands across the Midwest and Southwest for a solid 20 years. Now, he’s dropped ‘Hickory Point,’ his freshest release, flaunting his knack for crafting killer tunes.

He draws inspiration from Sufjan Stevens, Iron & Wine, Fleet Foxes and Black Sabbath. I can’t hear the Black Sabbath influence on ‘Hickory Point’, but I do hear the indie rock and pop influences of the Fleet Foxes and Sufjan Stevens. The song also reminds me a bit of Belle and Sebastian.

The track kicks off with a chilled and dreamy vibe that draws you in from the get-go. The soft vocals blend smoothly with the music, creating a catchy melody. The harmonic overdubs sound great and give the vocals some thickness. And when the second movement hits, Walrus Fog keeps the momentum going strong, lifting the song up after that sweet melodious first section. He doesn’t disappoint – his high pitched backing vocals add some width and depth to make it more powerful.

The banjo interlude is a cracking surprise, adding a real interesting twist to the mix. You’d reckon banjos are only for cowboys singing country tunes on their ranch or Irish folk jams, but here they are, fitting snugly into this dreamy indie pop number. Then, the guitar solo, straight-up and simple, but hitting the spot just right with a few notes. It then slides into the final banjo interlude, which fades out smoothly to the end. Top marks for this musical gem.

The song has different elements that kept me engaged, but I couldn’t help sometimes feeling overwhelmed at the same time, because of the lack of repetition. The track is like a story – with a beginning and an end. There are a lot of exciting moments, but there’s not a straight and classic composition structure with a verse, chorus and a bridge so you can sing along. Nonetheless, Walrus Fog is a multi-instrumental talent who’s capable of writing melodious tunes. Filled with layers of harmony he takes you to a dream world… in fact, that’s how I’d describe the track – a dreamscape.

The song delves into themes of longing and loss, capturing the essence of a wintery day. Walrus Fog himself describes it as such. The lyrics are deeply philosophical and poetic, resonating with beauty. Take, for instance, the line “I’m not lonely, but I’m tired of being alone” — it’s simply brilliant.

With ‘Hickory Point’ Walrus Fog has delivered a wonderful dream pop infused indie rock song with a lot of melodic layers. The vocals are beautiful and the songwriting is unique and clever. Although, I couldn’t recognise a ‘chorus’ after a couple of listens, it still got to me and took me to a dreamy winter wonderland where I’m alone at my childhood home waiting for the snow to melt. It hit the right spot!

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‘Hickory Point’ charms listeners with its dreamy indie vibe, highlighted by smooth vocals and surprising banjo interludes. It’s a lyrical gem exploring themes of longing and loss.
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