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BUKVE‘s latest single, ‘Alive,’ blends guitar-based alternative indie pop/rock with introspective lyrics, exploring the struggle of being alive without fully embracing life. The vocals bear a striking resemblance to Morten Harket, adding a familiar and emotive quality. Melodic sensibilities also echo A-ha, especially in the verses, while at other points, the guitars adopt a Foo Fighters intensity, reminiscent of ‘Everlong.’ The chorus, sweet and powerful, stands out with dynamic shifts and catchy vocal phrasing.

Instrumentally, the track is noteworthy, with solid rhythmic guitars providing an energetic foundation. Well-executed instrumental breaks offer breathing space, while the drums skillfully navigate, creating a fractured beat in the verses that becomes steady for the choruses. The ending provides a unique and effective wind-down, adding a distinctive and almost reflective touch to end the powerful song.

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BUKVE’s solo project, deeply rooted in indie pop and alternative pop/rock, unveils a debut album set for Spring 2024. Collaborating with producer Stamos Koliousis and drawing visual inspiration from BUKVE’s grandmother, Alfhild Fossan’s artwork, enriches the project’s depth.

‘Alive’ delves into personal reflections on life, questioning existence and one’s place in the world. The lyrics express a sense of detachment and a search for purpose, underscored by a touch of humour in laughing about one’s darkest moments.

If I’m still alive,
Whatever makes you thrive.
I rarely feel alive,
What’s waiting on the other side? 


With two singles already receiving airtime on BBC Radio and positive reviews, BUKVE’s project is gaining momentum. The anticipation for the debut album grows with the promise of a full band tour, suggesting an immersive live experience complementing the richness of the recorded material.

In summary, ‘Alive’ is a captivating single showcasing BUKVE’s musical prowess and lyrical depth, setting the stage for an eagerly awaited debut album and a promising future for the Norwegian artist.

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BUKVE’s latest single, ‘Alive,’ captivates with its guitar-driven indie pop/rock sound, offering a taste of what’s to come in their debut album scheduled for Spring 2024. The collaboration with producer Stamos Koliousis and visual inspiration from BUKVE’s grandmother’s artwork adds depth, promising an exciting journey into personal reflections and musical prowess.
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