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From the heart of Germany’s vibrant music scene in Berlin, Alexis Mai emerges as a beacon of authenticity and vulnerability with their latest single, ‘My Little Butterfly.’ As an independent singer-songwriter, Alexis delves into the depths of mental health struggles, the nuances of gender identity, and the intricacy of relationships. Through their music, Alexis not only shares their personal journey but also sheds light on the universal longing for compassion and connection.

“I write slow pop songs about complex feelings because it’s good for my mental health,” Alexis reveals, providing a glimpse into the personal identity of their musicality.

Influenced by contemporary folk icons like Amanda Palmer, Regina Spektor, Tom Rosenthal, and Tom Odell, Alexis infuses their own music with similar levels of vulnerability and authenticity.

Alexis Mai Singer Songwriter

‘My Little Butterfly’ begins with a warm piano and a brooding synth layered just below the surface to add a splash darkness to proceedings. Then, Alexis’ vocals begin alongside some nice cajon percussive touches and a beautifully reverb-soaked tambourine. Alexis has a voice that is imbued in pure emotion! There’s a slight grit, but it’s more the kind of grit associated with when you are emotionally charged rather than a nuance in the voice. It’s truly (apologies for the AI word!) captivating!

The verses intertwine piano, percussion, and vocal, leaving just enough space to ensure the phrasing isn’t overcrowded. And, because of this, when the chorus comes in, it is very effective – it’s a coming together of the parts. It might only be a short, sneak peek of the chorus this first time around, but there’s enough time for extra vocals and a lift in the production to really elevate it and make it subtly strong… a paradox I know, but it’s the only way I can describe it.

We then hit another verse before the chorus comes in again, and this time it’s the chorus for real. We can feel the emotion, the yearning, the pain… it all comes together brilliantly. But, no resting on laurels here, as you start to get used to the shape of the chorus, new layered vocals begin underneath that add even more interest and emotion! It’s truly wonderful!

Alexis Mai Musician

But, not wanting to outstay their welcome, Alexis very, very cleverly ends the track here. It’s short, sharp, and to the point. I always enjoy songs like that personally. I want to be left wanting more, and so the first thing I do when it ends is reach for the play button again. The track is hauntingly beautiful and you’ll only understand what I mean by taking a listen, which I wholeheartedly recommend you do. 

The track’s lyricism offers a poignant reflection on the fleeting moments of attraction and the complexities of love. Inspired by true events, the narrative navigates through the labyrinth of a toxic relationship, prompting contemplation on the sacrifices made in the name of love.

If I touched your wings, you’d have to die.

But I would feel rotten if you left my side.

The question I’m left with to ponder today,

Who gets to sacrifice? Who flies away?

‘My Little Butterfly’ by Alexis Mai

Collaborating with acclaimed producer Adrian P. Sanchez (Nínive — ‘Aleluya’) and mixing engineer Ivo Sloman (Korora — ‘Empty Matchbox’), Alexis sets the stage brilliantly for their debut EP later this year. But for now, ‘My Little Butterfly’ stands as a testament to Alexis Mai’s artistry and a promise of what’s to come.

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Alexis Mai’s ‘My Little Butterfly’ is a raw and emotive exploration of toxicity in relationships infused with vulnerability and authenticity. With haunting melodies and poignant lyrics, it’s a musical journey that will leave you wanting more.
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