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In the realm of independent artists, Adam Wedd stands as a captivating force. Having graced over 500 radio stations, including renowned ones like Sirius FM, Z100, and BBC, his music has resonated with audiences worldwide. With sold-out shows in London and New York, Adam’s distinctive style and narrative prowess have set him apart in the music scene. Influenced by luminaries like Bright Eyes, Johnny Cash, and Leonard Cohen, his musical journey began in the 1990s in South London.

Pink Dinosaurs,’ Adam Wedd’s latest single, unveils a tapestry of Ed Sheeran-esque songwriting and vocals in both quality and commercial appeal. His voice, emotive and nuanced, carries a perfect balance of grit and tenderness. The verses have a lovely chugging acoustic that allows the lyrics to shine, but changing to a strum for the chorus enhances its strength and lifts it. The track’s intimacy is palpable, enhanced by the subtle fret scratches of the guitar and the well-executed vocal transitions. The bass line and drums are both used effectively to also add depth and texture, and, again, move the song through a variety of dynamic changes.

Clocking in under 3 minutes, the song is perfect for radio and there’s no reason why this couldn’t… in fact, shouldn’t be a hit!

Wedd’s lyrical ability also helps elevate ‘Pink Dinosaurs’ to another level. They tell a poignant story, offering vivid visual snapshots into the life of a divorced father of two when his children come to stay.


‘Pink Dinosaurs’ serves not just as a standalone single but as a precursor to a busy year of releases, with an album and 3 brand new EPs worth of songs. Recorded with friend Marek Deml in London, ‘Pink Dinosaurs’ emerges against a backdrop of personal upheavals, including a car crash, divorce, job loss, and a breakup within six months. Despite these challenges, ‘Pink Dinosaurs’ stands tall as a testament to Adam’s resilience and his ability to channel adversity into compelling musical expression.

As a solo artist, Adam Wedd wears multiple hats – a guitarist, a pianist, a songwriter, a singer, and a producer. And, from what I’ve heard, he does this brilliantly well! And, I’m looking forward to hearing more.

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Adam Wedd’s ‘Pink Dinosaurs’ intricately weaves emotive vocals and Ed Sheeran-inspired songwriting, delivering a poignant tale of love and fatherhood. With a stellar chorus, dynamic instrumentation, and resilient lyricism, this radio-friendly single stands as a captivating precursor to Wedd’s upcoming releases.


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