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Roth Conrad, the artistic force behind Malleus Incus Stapes, introduces a mesmerizing debut album, ‘Organic Empire’. In this musical odyssey, Conrad masterfully blurs the boundaries between indie-folk, Americana, and the uncharted frontiers of Southern rock.

The album unfolds with ‘Nineties Skateboard,’ an instrumental overture that sets the serene ambiance permeating throughout “Organic Empire.” While Stapes has previously delved into diverse sounds and genres, his earlier ventures leaned toward blues rock. Yet, here he traverses a mellower, more eclectic path akin to a reverie where concerns dissolve. The track resonates as a potential prototype for The Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’ album, invoking a dreamlike quality.

In ‘Seven Year Storm,’ Stapes returns to his blues-infused indie folk roots, maintaining the album’s laid-back demeanor established from its onset. His Southern inflection seamlessly intertwines with the song’s essence, signifying not just an artist but a producer’s finesse.

‘The Window Can’t See’ echoes with nuances reminiscent of Tom Waits, yet Stapes deftly retains his unique musical identity. Notably, his craftsmanship shines in tracks like ‘Digital Thrones’ and ‘Get Carried Away,’ where rustic instrumentation converges with evocative vocals, showcasing his artistry.

Organic Empire Album Review by Malleus Incus Stapes

Amidst this diverse collection, Conrad’s rendition of Nirvana’s classic ‘Come as You Are’ emerges as a standout. His interpretation imbues the iconic track with an intimate allure, paying homage to the original while infusing it with the distinctive charm of Malleus Incus Stapes. This reimagined grunge anthem underscores Conrad’s ability to invigorate familiar melodies within the album’s expansive, genre-defying landscape. His rendition, a rarity in successfully covering Nirvana, earns a commendation, resonating as a rendition that would receive approval from Kurt Cobain himself.

‘Organic Empire’ amalgamates Conrad’s original compositions and the striking reinterpretation of ‘Come as You Are’ into a cohesive experience. It serves as a testament to Malleus Incus Stapes’ adeptness at uniting styles, eras, and genres, constructing a captivating and evocative musical universe that transcends conventional boundaries.

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The debut album ‘Organic Empire’ by Malleus Incus Stapes is nice mix between blues, indie folk, Americana and Southern rock and his adeptness at uniting styles, eras, and genres, constructing a captivating and evocative musical universe that transcends conventional boundaries.


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