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Nom De Plume, the eclectic indie rock trio hailing from Maryland, USA, have released a mesmerising new song in their latest single, ‘Once a Time of May.’ Fronted by singer-songwriter and guitarist Aris Karabelas, accompanied by bassist Michael Magee and drummer Dave Roderick, Nom De Plume defies genre boundaries, seamlessly blending folk-rock, Americana, and classic and progressive rock elements to create a distinctive and captivating style.

The track serves as a teaser for their upcoming third studio album and offers us a taste of the band’s evolving sound. ‘Once a Time of May’ unfolds as a hypnotic exploration of the yearning for belonging juxtaposed with the perceived dangers of the world. The atmospheric yet grounded arrangement, coupled with haunting vocals and instrumentation, skillfully conveys a sense of estrangement and introspection.

Aris shares that the inspiration for the song struck while living overseas in Greece, and this influence is evident in the song’s atmospheric beats and haunting vocals. The 6/8 time signature introduces a subtle unease, especially with the jolting half bar at the end of the melodic guitar based introduction, and adds a layer of complexity to the overall composition. The track’s structure is meticulously crafted, with mellow slide-style guitars and rhythmic acoustics underlying throughout.

‘Once a Time of May’ has received acclaim for its mesmerising rhythmic atmosphere, distinctive instrumentation, and sincere vocals – sentiments I wholeheartedly share. The Neil Young-esque vocals and melody, combined with the dynamic shifts introduced by a second vocal layer, create interest throughout. And, a strategically placed lead guitar break and captivating middle breakdown further enhance the song’s allure and pacing, solidifying its impact.

Nom De Plume_Aris_Mike

Nom De Plume’s ability to infuse esoteric and interesting elements into their music sets them apart, making ‘Once a Time of May’ a song that grows more with each listen. As the track gracefully concludes, echoing shades of early REM, it leaves a lasting imprint on the listener’s psyche. Nom De Plume continues to carve their path with authenticity and creativity, promising an exciting chapter with their forthcoming album.

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Nom De Plume introduce their captivating indie rock vibe with the release of ‘Once a Time of May,’ offering a mesmerising preview of their forthcoming third album. The single, characterised by haunting vocals and unique instrumentation, weaves a hypnotic narrative of longing and introspection, showcasing the band’s evolving sound.


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