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Books Of Moods‘ latest single, ‘Happiness,’ is an indie folk rock gem that weaves a heartwarming embrace through dreamlike melodies. The Parisian project, centered around the epic journey of Woodrow & Luth, succeeds in creating a soulful anthem that celebrates the enduring bond between friends.

The song’s rhythmic simplicity and uplifting message make it a perfect addition to playlists aiming to evoke feelings of warmth and connection. The lovely depth to the acoustic sound, coupled with simply beautiful vocals, creates a musical landscape that initially brings to mind the starkness and staccato approach of Lou Reed. However, the haunting backing vocals seamlessly blend with the dreamy soundscape and add a layer to the overall experience that takes the track into another realm.

The chorus, with the repeated mantra “Happiness, no more no less,” becomes a focal point that reinforces the song’s message. The reverb-soaked electric guitar break is a personal standout moment for me, providing one of the most meaningful instrumental melodic additions to a song, showcasing simplicity that is incredibly effective.

While the influences of Bowie, Arcade Fire, and Grandaddy are evident, Books Of Moods manages to infuse a unique sound that breathes new life into the indie folk rock scene. The track feels like a familiar yet refreshing journey, akin to reuniting with an old friend you haven’t seen in a long time.

Book of Moods

At around 2 and a half minutes, ‘Happiness’ effortlessly left me wanting more—a testament to its quality. The anticipation heightens as Books Of Moods has consistently released a single every month since August 2023, building up to an eagerly awaited EP and music video in January 2024. With even more musical delights from their dreamy and melancholic artistic universe on the way ‘Happiness’ serves as a delightful preview of what’s to come from this Parisian project.

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Books of Moods’ latest single, ‘Happiness,’ is a captivating indie folk rock gem, blending dreamlike melodies with soulful vocals to celebrate enduring friendships. The track, influenced by Bowie and Arcade Fire, promises a unique journey in the upcoming EP, offering a delightful preview of the Parisian project’s musical universe.


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