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Hailing from Pitt County, North Carolina, V of 40M teams up with Hippie G and 40M Tye for his fourth release since first hitting the scene in 2022. ‘The Score’ represents a welcome return and builds upon the marker laid down with both ‘Pwr’ and ‘Way Back (Warning).’

‘The Score,’ is arguably the best output of V’s relatively short career, combining a slick flow with often complex rhyming couplets. You feel the LABACK effect in the sparse yet effective trap beat and sub bass, which forms the backbone of the song. 

The sounds of revolution and protest are markedly different through generations. From the folk of Woody Guthrie to Bob Dylan, to the early blueprint of what would become rap with, Gill Scott Heron through to Chuck D. Hip-hop is and will always be the match to the kerosene. 

V and indeed his other 40M associates represent the latest in a long line of young politicised African Americans using music to shine a light upon social injustices and gain representation; to feel united and to be heard. Is there a more powerful medium? There’s a risk, when using music, that the message can become diluted under the weight of everything else that’s happening. It’s a balancing act and one which seems to have paid off here.

The loops and samples within the piece, primarily the arpeggiated picked guitar, add an unnerving yet hypnotic element that perfectly synchronises with the underlying themes of disquiet and revolution. There’s no disputing V’s lyrical prowess, but you should take nothing away from his song-writing ability. 

This is a really well put together track. It’s lean and both lyrical and musical flow are impressive. The Choruses are repetitive and catchy with relatable imagery and varying the musical dynamics offers fresh perspective each time. 

V 40M 1

There’s good use of melodic contour throughout, with instances of rising-flat and raising-falling shown to very good effect. It adds to the sense of shifting dynamics and gives new focus points when needed. Add to this, intelligent use, of a vocoder effect on snippets of sung backing vocals and the vocal aspects of ‘The Score’ are tight and well balanced.

One of the pleasing aspects of the song is that the mix is focused on not drowning out the vocals. So many times, we hear a lack of clarity in the vocal mix when reviewing hip-hop, that it’s refreshing when we hear crystal clear, well balanced vocal tracks. Props. 

V clearly has a message and the tools and talent to get that message out there. With Tye and Hippie G he has managed to make an impressive, powerful, emotive and catchy track that should resonate well with his growing fanbase. The Fugees released ‘The Score’ in 1996, it was an incredible record that still holds up today; it’s good to know that it’s still inspiring the next generation. And within that generation V of 40M could have a bright future.

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Slick trap infused hip-hop that’ll immediately catch your attention. V of 40M could have a bright future!
Fantastic flow and vibe


Song Quality
Vocal Performance


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