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Nate Logston, the seasoned singer/songwriter hailing from Indiana, US, unveils his fifth album, ‘Marriages and Divorces‘, offering a blend of Alt-Americana and pop-folk with subtle rock and country influences of Father John Misty, Wilco, Kurt Vile, and Jeff Tweedy. Thematically centered around love, heartbreak, pain, and introspection, the album navigates these emotional landscapes with a contemporary touch.

The album unfolds with the opening track, ‘Water High‘ a mellow soft-rock piece that pays homage to the classic sounds of the ’70s and ’80s. Logston’s robust lead vocals, coupled with vintage keys in the background, create a laid-back atmosphere. The song beautifully encapsulates the theme of embarking on a new life journey after enduring hurt, a sentiment poignantly captured in the last line: “So no one should care that I go.”

Diverging into a different musical avenue, ‘No Takers‘ introduces funky guitars and pop-infused vocals, featuring a standout guitar lead. The infectious chorus with its captivating hook has quickly propelled the song to over 1,000 streams on Spotify within a mere two weeks of its release.

Ringside’ emerges as a soft rock ballad, showcasing acoustic guitars and emotionally resonant vocals infused with country and Americana influences. The memorable chorus, complemented by a powerful drum sound, stands out, with soulful solos building up to a climactic finish. Personally, this track stands as a favourite on the album for me.

The acoustic intimacy of ‘You Don’t Seem to Mind’ opens with delicate fingerpicking on the guitar and emotive vocals. While the melancholic undertones may evoke memories of Ralph McTell’s ‘Streets of London,’ Logston explores the theme of unanswered love. Female backing vocals elevate the song to new heights, showcasing a nuanced layering of musical elements.

Exit Plan’ introduces pop elements, evoking a fusion of Blur and Lou Reed. The low-pitched vocals, infused with an indie-rock vibe, blend seamlessly with the groovy funky bass and guitar rhythm, culminating in a melodic guitar solo that further solidifies its status as a standout piece.

Figure This Out’ captivates with a soaring ’80s guitar lead, guided by intricate fingerpicking and a gentle snare drum. The vocals gradually build up, encapsulating the struggle of figuring out one’s desires and the capacity to handle change. Meanwhile, ‘Leaving Lies’ takes a mellow, country-folk-infused route, adding further depth to the album.

My Brother’ takes a distinctive turn, embracing an alt-rock influence with heavy distorted guitars that bring power to the composition. The shredded guitar solo adds a touch of Steve Ray Vaughn’s flair, making it stand out from the other folk-inspired tracks.

With ‘Into Afterward’ Logston demonstrates versatility by combining a cello with acoustic guitar, accompanied by soft vocals that evoke emotional resonance. This track serves as a poignant contrast to ‘My Brother‘ showcasing Logston’s ability to navigate diverse genres while remaining true to the album’s overarching theme.

Closing the album with ‘Gradually’, Logston infuses a modest and intimate, yet unique touch with harmonised guitars simulating a steel guitar, ensuring the listener remains captivated and engaged until the final note.

In summary, Nate Logston, backed by skilled musicians, delivers an album that resonates with heartfelt themes of love, heartbreak, pain, and relationships. The emotional vocals, complemented by exceptional guitar work and skillful fingerpicking, invite listeners into a contemplative state of mind. If you’ve experienced the tumultuous waves of a broken heart and appreciate beautifully crafted lyrics, this melancholic album is a must-listen.

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In his fifth album, ‘Marriages and Divorces,’ Nate Logston masterfully melds Alt-Americana and pop-folk, delving into the realms of love and heartbreak with a modern touch, unveiling a nuanced array of emotions in each track through adept vocals and outstanding instrumentation.


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