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TuskHead‘s latest offering, ‘Breaking the Man,’ stands as a testament to his rising prominence in the music scene. Hailing from the Netherlands, Patrick van Zandwijk, the creative force behind TuskHead, has already achieved significant recognition with chart-topping hits and notable accolades. The track, an anthemic Americana/alt-country styled song, takes listeners on an emotional rollercoaster with heartfelt lyrics complemented by the country-infused sounds of guitars, accordion, and pedal steel.

The track begins with a blend of accordion and guitar, setting the stage for the emotive vocals to take enter. Initially, the song appears versatile, suggesting it could swing in either a happy or reflective direction. However, as it unfolds, it unravels a narrative of deep inner struggle, exploring issues of mental health and self-hatred. The lyrics, exemplified by lines like “The pills they should fix me, but I’m losing the fight from myself. I need help. How can you love me when I hate myself?” bring out the raw emotions. The vocal style from Patrick serves as the perfect vessel, carrying the necessary emotional weight and honesty to resonate with the audience.

In the second verse, the addition of some heavy staccato stabs plus slide guitar licks add a layer of interest to keep the song moving along. However, it’s after the second chorus where the song takes a powerful turn. With a breakdown that almost goes acapella, the track magnifies the emotional impact of the lyrics and concludes on a note that echoes a sad cry for help.

While ‘Breaking the Man’ embraces the stylistic elements of country music, its universal themes transcend genre boundaries, resonating as a relatable and honest expression of the internal struggles that many people deal or have dealt with. TuskHead’s ability to craft a song that is both emotionally charged and universally relatable solidifies his position as a notable artist.


Fresh from a musical journey across America and a collaboration with platinum-record-winning songwriter Josh Morningstar in Nashville, TuskHead has recorded a captivating series of tracks with talented musicians from The Texas Gentleman at Modern Electric in Dallas. Anticipation is high for the Spring 2024 release, and we, for one, are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this musical saga.

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TuskHead’s latest release, ‘Breaking the Man,’ unveils a raw and emotionally charged Americana masterpiece, exploring themes of inner struggle and self-hatred. With heartfelt lyrics and a blend of country-inspired instrumentation, the song solidifies TuskHead’s position as a notable artist on the rise.
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