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Backstrom’s debut single, ‘Animal‘ (feat. Bart Topher), serves as a compelling introduction to the debut album ‘The Carousel,’ released on January 18th. Hailing from Sweden, Stockholm, Backstrom takes a unique approach to his sound, making it stand out in a way that is both distinctive and memorable.

While Backstrom is the sole songwriter, he collaborates with an array of talented session musicians, including Bart Topher on vocals, Francisco Paz on drums and percussion, Luca Giannotti on guitars and bass, and Kimberly Faith on harmonies. The assembly of artists was facilitated through, showcasing the evolving landscape of collaborative music creation.

Recorded as a collaborative effort, Backstrom initially crafted a demo before inviting the musicians to contribute their instruments and vocals. The final touches were given by Gabe Wold, who mixed and mastered the album, while Tommy Jones assisted with English lyrics.

‘Animal’ explores the theme of the inner animal within the modern human being. The lyrics delve into primal instincts, secrets, and the struggle to keep one’s wild nature concealed, ultimately acknowledging that the inner animal has always been an integral part of the individual.

BACKSTROM The Carousel Album Cover

The song opens with an intriguing string and choir-esque introduction, immediately capturing interest and embedding the catchy chorus into your mind. This is followed by the entrance of arpeggiated guitars and vocals, later to be joined by the drums. The track exudes a robust folk storyteller’s vibe and melodically reminds me of a slowed-down version of jig tunes, typically associated with maritime or seafaring themes. The gripping vocal delivery and narrative maintain an intense ‘on the edge’ feel, propelled by clever hooks and impactful lines, such as “You’re the animal that you have always been.” Bart Topher’s vocal style, akin to Mark Oliver Everett, aka E, from Eels, further enhances the authenticity and resonance of the lyrical content. The outro, featuring a violin solo and harmonised vocals, adds a beautiful and emotive touch, bringing the song to a graceful close.

‘Animal’ leaves a lasting impression, and the collaborative spirit behind Backstrom’s music sets the stage for an intriguing musical journey with ‘The Carousel.’

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Backstrom’s debut single, ‘Animal,’ explores the inner animal within the modern human, blending robust folk storytelling with melodies reminiscent of slowed-down jig tunes. Bart Topher’s authentic vocals and clever hooks make it a compelling preview of Backstrom’s distinctive sound in the upcoming ‘The Carousel’ album.


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