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Joyann Parker‘s latest single, ‘Sconnie Girl,’ taken from the ‘Roots’ album, not only pays homage to her Wisconsin roots but also serves as a testament to her musical versatility. The song seamlessly blends traditional American styles, incorporating elements of blues, jazz, and rock and roll, showcasing Parker’s ability to weave them into a backwoods celebration. The track exudes small-town pride, community, and resilience—themes familiar in contemporary country hits.

Teaming up with fellow Wisconsinite Chris Kroeze, the runner-up on ‘The Voice’ Season 15, the duo’s powerful voices create a pure celebration of their shared heritage. The video for ‘Sconnie Girl’ perfectly complements the feel-good vibes of the song, capturing live music, picturesque countryside, and the enthusiasm of a dedicated fan, comedian Mary Mack. The sunny day setting adds a delightful touch, turning the Wisconsin sun into a hot night under the stars.

The lyrics of ‘Sconnie Girl’ serve as an ode to home, community, and loyalty, delivered with a touch of humour evident in lines like ‘The Bears still suck’ and ‘Ain’t nothing better than a fine Wisconsin girl.’ The video’s well-captured angles, shots of the band performing, the beautiful country and sunny ambiance enhance the overall happiness and uplifting mood, making it an enjoyable watch. Once again, touches of humour are added with the inclusion of the mega-fan.

Parker’s vocals carry a soulful and straightforward country vibe, but adding contemporary similarities akin to Kelly Clarkson and Natalie Maines. The instrumentation, including guitars, electric piano, and tight bass, layers the track with interest without overpowering the narrative. The laid back vibe reminded me of ‘Son of a Preacher Man,’ the Dusty classic – never a bad thing!

Joyann Parker

With its catchy chorus, ‘Sconnie Girl’ has the potential to become a state anthem, capturing the essence of Wisconsin pride. The song and its accompanying video successfully blend genres, creating a memorable and feel-good musical experience.

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The ‘Sconnie Girl’ music video brilliantly captures the joyous celebration of home and community, featuring Joyann Parker and Chris Kroeze in an outdoor performance against the stunning Wisconsin countryside. Comedian Mary Mack adds a delightful and humorous touch as an enthusiastic fan, creating a visually engaging and heartwarming narrative that perfectly complements the song’s feel-good vibes.
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