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Down South Pepper Band‘s latest release, ‘Hand in my Pocket,’ brings a surprising and refreshing twist to the country music scene, hailing all the way from Oslo, Norway. The band proudly introduces its unique style of alt-country, infused with elements of rockabilly and blues, creating a sound that sets them apart from mainstream artists. In a world where authenticity is sometimes compromised, Down South Pepper Band takes a cheeky stand, emphasising that their music is free from the grasp of autotune.

The track opens with twangy electric guitars and strumming acoustics, immediately setting the stage for a genuine country experience. Rune Nyby’s vocals carry a distinctive Johnny Cash twang, complemented by flawless backing vocals that add a touch of fun to the composition. The instrumentation, featuring bass, electric guitar, acoustic lead guitar, and drums, reflects a profound understanding of the outlaw country and Americana genres.

‘Hand in my Pocket’ is not just another country song; it’s a humorous take on the challenges that accompany wealth. The lyrics cleverly navigate the complexities of money, depicting the constant struggle for a share, be it through theft, fraud, fines, or the paranoia that wealth brings. The chorus is irresistibly catchy, ensuring that listeners will find themselves singing along in no time. Additionally, the lyrics maintain a great metre, making them memorable in the verses as well.

The accompanying music video is a delightful extension of the band’s personality, filled with costumes, hammy acting, and an infectious sense of fun. The humor in the visuals perfectly complements the lighthearted yet skillful musicianship showcased throughout the song.

Down South Pepper Band

With 32 songs available on various platforms, Down South Pepper Band has firmly established their presence in the music scene. Their singles, including ‘Hand in my Pocket,’ have garnered attention on radio stations across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the USA, as well as securing placements on country charts both locally and internationally.

As the band continues to make waves, ‘Hand in my Pocket’ stands as a testament to their commitment to genuine alt-country music, making them a noteworthy addition to the global country music landscape.

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Experience the unexpected as Down South Pepper Band brings a cheeky and catchy blend of alt-country from Oslo with their latest release, ‘Hand in my Pocket.’ This humorous take on the challenges of wealth, featuring twangy guitars and infectious lyrics, showcases the band’s commitment to genuine, standout alt-country music.


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