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Brooke Moriber, a Country singer/songwriter hailing from New York, has forged an unconventional path in the industry. Starting her career on Broadway, she turned to songwriting as a teenager to cope with the challenges of losing her eyesight to a rare eye disease. Now signed with Nashville’s Reviver Records, Brooke presents her latest single, ‘Half A Heart,’ showcasing a slow-burn ballad that builds to a more than satisfying crescendo.

Brooke’s vocals are a standout feature, with crystal-clear tones reminiscent of top-tier country singers like Maren Morris, Carly Pearce, and, dare I say, Dolly Parton but minus the southern twang. The song cruises along beautifully with a vocal and guitar duet leading into the chorus, immediately capturing your attention. It gradually introduces additional instruments, maintaining a well-paced and thought-out build throughout. A poignant guitar solo adds emotional depth before the track reaches its powerful climax. Brooke’s delivery is both touching and commanding, culminating in a heartfelt and beautiful performance. The song resonates with an epic quality akin to something from Christina Perri, combining classic and contemporary elements.

Lyrically, ‘Half A Heart’ is a testament to living life fully and loving wholeheartedly, regardless of external judgments. The lyrics express a profound commitment to love, with a willingness to make significant sacrifices.

I’d change most anything for you,

Hair up hair down if you ask me to.

I might take everything too far,

But I’ll never love you with half a heart. 

No less than eleven,

No time for regretting.

Over the top is just the start,

I’ll never love you with half a heart

Half a Heart

The phrase “Over the top is just the start” underscores a readiness to go above and beyond in expressing love.

Brooke Moriber’s musical journey has garnered praise for her “clarion voice,” earning recognition on Music Choice channels, Spotify playlists, and the Music Row Country Breakout radio chart. With her latest single, ‘Half A Heart,’ Brooke continues to make her mark in the country music scene, delivering a powerful anthem of unwavering commitment and resilience. ‘Half A Heart’ is a must-listen, available on all major music platforms, showcasing undeniable talent and a distinctive style.

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Brooke Moriber, a Country singer/songwriter from New York, brings a unique blend of Broadway roots and resilient storytelling to her latest single, ‘Half A Heart.’ Signed with Nashville’s Reviver Records, Brooke’s crystal-clear vocals, reminiscent of top-tier country artists, drive a slow-burn ballad that crescendos into a powerful and emotionally charged performance.
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