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The Storeys, a dynamic husband-wife duo hailing from Northampton, United Kingdom, have once again emerged as an act worth keeping a close eye on. Their latest single release, ‘The One Who Makes Me Shine,’ is quite simply put, nothing short of fantastic! The song infuses elements of pop, country, and nostalgic ’80s vibes while managing to be contemporary and irresistibly catchy.

With a remarkable track record boasting over 50 million streams on Spotify alone, The Storeys have demonstrated their strength in crafting beautifully produced songs. Following the success of their debut single, ‘Self Love Affair,’ released in 2024, the duo is set to unveil an eagerly awaited album later this year.

Daniel Storey, one half of The Storeys, expresses his excitement about the new release, stating, “We are thrilled to share ‘The One Who Makes Me Shine’ with the world. This song is incredibly special to us, and we hope that it brings joy and inspiration to all who hear it. It’s a celebration of love and the people who light up our lives.”

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The song itself, ‘The One Who Makes Me Shine,’ begins with a power ballad vibe reminiscent of the ’80s, adorned with a compelling keyboard hook akin to the works of Richard Marx or Heart at the height of their fame. This then transitions to an acoustic-driven verse, accompanied by Suzanna’s Taylor Swift-esque vocal, transforming the song into a country-tinged epic, layered with piano and the resonance of heartfelt storytelling. And then, when everything comes in for the chorus, the song is complete. Already, I’m in love with this track – it feels positive, it feels uplifting, and because of the production, it feels polished! These are some serious pros at work here!

As the second verse unfolds, Dan’s warm vocals take centre stage, perfectly suited to the genre. His voice, reminiscent of George Merrill in the falsetto zone with the control of Gary Barlow, seamlessly works with Suzanna’s, creating a blend that elevates the emotional depth of the track.

Subtle pauses strategically placed throughout the song add emphasis in just the right places, while a beautifully crafted middle 8 section seamlessly moves us into a brief breakdown before building up to the crescendo at the end. Lovely!

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I’m actually shocked that The Storeys are from the UK because this could easily have been a huge US Desmond Child or Diane Warren hit, such is the quality. The structure is perfect, the length is perfect, the instrumentation and hooks are perfect… this is just great! When I hear a song like this I can’t help think of acts like Shania, Michael Bolton, etc… this really is a BIG song for BIG acts. Yet, The Storeys pull it off immaculately.

The song’s exploration of themes such as love, resilience, and the importance of visibility in relationships is also sure to resonate with listeners and ensure a connection between them and the artists.

With its irresistible blend of country charm and pop sensibility, ‘The One Who Makes Me Shine’ is poised to solidify The Storeys’ reputation as a dynamic duo who write, produce, and perform outstanding music. It’s a testament to their talent and abilities as both writers and performers. This single marks yet another milestone in The Storeys’ musical journey, and, what a milestone it is!

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The Storeys’ ‘The One Who Makes Me Shine’ is a remarkable blend of emotion and musicality. With infectious melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and polished production, it’s a track that’s sure to impress listeners and solidify the duo’s reputation as dynamic musicians and songwriters.
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