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Evelyn Kryger, the German instrumental Epic-Fusion-Postrock-Worldbeat-Dysko band, offers a sneak peek into their upcoming album ‘III’ with the single ‘Tja.’ Bassist Jonas Holland-Moritz expresses his excitement, saying, “I’m thrilled to share the intricate details of this beautiful melodic tune.”

‘Tja’ unfolds in 7/4 time signature, featuring mega-groove improvisations from drums and percussion, which gradually evolve into hypnotic bliss. The band, known for accessible complexity, seamlessly combine melodic layers that will captivate any listener. The middle breakdown in the track is phenomenal; the live video version a must-see.

This single serves as a prelude to the grandeur of the forthcoming album, ‘III.’ Christoph (“Cito”) Kaling, Arne Dreske, Jonas Holland-Moritz, and Hannes Dunker, the quartet behind Evelyn Kryger, have crafted an impressive, monumental concept album, a departure from their previous works.

In ‘III,’ the band opts for a variable lineup, welcoming guests like Latin-Grammy winner Nené Vásquez on percussions in ‘Tja,’ enriching the compositions with diversity. ‘III’ promises to not just be a studio album; it’s a performance piece standing tall among the greatest concept albums in rock and jazz.

Evelyn Kryger German Contemporary Jazz Band

Evelyn Kryger’s fusion of diverse elements echoes greatness from Return to Forever, Pat Metheny Group, Nils Petter Molvaer, and ADHD. ‘Tja’ exemplifies their knack for making complex ideas accessible, akin to the timeless appeal of Dave Brubeck’s ‘Take Five’ or the sophistication of Herbie Hancock’s ‘Watermelon Man.’

The amalgamation of musical idioms creates tension between jazz and progressive rock, enriched with soundtrack-like passages, pop elements, Latin grooves, folkloristic colorings, classical precision, and the open essence of jam rock. This latest single, ‘Tja,’ sets the stage for an epic journey through Evelyn Kryger’s creative universe… and, I for one, am ready to strap in for the ride!

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Experience the captivating fusion of jazz and progressive rock in Evelyn Kryger’s single ‘Tja.’ With intricate melodies and diverse influences, the band’s music promises a journey through a rich and innovative musical universe.
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