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I’ve come across my fair share of electro tunes with synthesizers, pianos, and various keys, but never have I stumbled upon a composition that seamlessly blends the worlds of electro and classical piano, especially in the form of a powerful ballad. Enter ‘Gleam,’ the latest creation by French maestro Joris BON—a pianist, composer, and singer/songwriter. Not only does this musical venture impress with its innovation, but the remarkable vocal range of Clara Boffy adds an extra layer, propelling the piece to new heights.

BON’s musical journey began with the piano at a young age. Enchanted by the endless possibilities of contemporary music, he embarked on a musical exploration spanning jazz, electro, metal, and pop rock. ‘Gleam’ stands as a testament to this diverse musical palette, where the delicate interplay between classical piano notes and spirited electronic rhythms unfolds, providing the audience with a rich and varied musical experience that reflects the artist’s consummate skill and depth.

The introductory notes of ‘Gleam’ set the stage with a compelling piano motif, accompanied by Boffy’s angelic vocals. Together, they create a dreamy atmosphere that takes you to a place of inner peace. Imagine yourself on a lazy summer afternoon, where you get lost in the grass, enjoying the beauty of the world. The composition blends classical tradition with contemporary avant-garde elements, with a touch of jazz influences.

As the beat kicks in, the song undergoes a transformation into a blend of piano ballad and electro. BON’s classical training becomes apparent, infusing the piece with a unique vibe. The energy comes to life with each beat, and strategic pauses providing the listener moments of reprieve. In these quieter moments, Boffy sings with a deep and powerful voice, showcasing her magnificent vocal skills. The song concludes with BON’s masterful piano skills, gently waking you from a delightful dream.

While ‘Gleam’ may be relatively brief at 2:32, its enchantment is undeniable, beckoning listeners to revisit the serene dreamworld crafted by BON. The seamless fusion of classical piano finesse and electronic beats in BON’s creation is nothing short of brilliant. Boffy’s emotive vocal range adds a compelling dimension, immersing the audience in the transformative power of nature. It’s a unique musical style executed skillfully. If you appreciate piano ballads, this is a must-listen, as the electronic beats add an entirely new dimension to the experience.

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Joris BON’s latest creation ‘Gleam’ seamlessly blends the worlds of electro and classical piano in a powerful ballad, showcasing remarkable innovation and the enchanting vocal range of Clara Boffy, inviting listeners into a rich and diverse musical experience.


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