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Broke Even, the brainchild of South Windsor, US-based musician Tony LoSchiavo, have released their new two-song single, ‘Turn The Volume Down,‘ along with ‘You Dying.’ Having been passionate about songwriting since the age of 15, Tony overcame the hurdles of self-confidence to embark on the Broke Even project about a year ago. Influenced by punk rock legends like Jeff Rosenstock, NoFX, and Dead Kennedys, as well as avant-garde pioneers such as Captain Beefheart, The Residents, Mr. Bungle, Death Grips, and Primus, Broke Even’s sound is a unique blend of energy and experimentation.

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The debut single kicks off with ‘Turn The Volume Down,’ a four-minute eclectic musical trip that tackles a myriad of socio-political issues, cleverly divided into two halves. The relentless energy, which reminded me of They Might Be Giants, features catchy hooks, intricate acoustic elements, and a clever interplay of vocals that elevate the track to a level beyond traditional punk or rock. The song’s structure mirrors its lyrical content, transitioning from purposeful ignorance to a poignant realisation that the issues at hand are too significant to ignore.

Recorded at Sans Serif Studios in New Haven, Connecticut, ‘Turn The Volume Down’ is a politically charged folk-punk anthem, seamlessly transitioning into a zany prog-punk exploration. The release stands as a testament to Tony’s artistic ethos—a commitment to boundless experimentation with sound, infused with a common thread of aggressive punk energy.

Following this, ‘You Dying‘ begins on a more sombre note, entering with electronic elements and broken drums before wonderfully leading us into a therapeutic guitar-driven pop-punk sing-along. Inspired by the anxiety and intrusive thoughts surrounding tragic events happening to loved ones, the song maintains a dynamic atmosphere with underlying dark humour. Its reflective instrumental section adds depth, creating a contrast with the powerful choruses that drive the message home.

Additionally, both tracks boast imaginative and memorable endings, showing that Broke Even are not just happy to rest on their laurels once a chorus or a section has been established in the song; they are committed to creative excellence from the start and right to the very last note. Personally, I loved the energy, clever compositional techniques, and accessible avant-garde influences – these songs are more than just a one-time listen.

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In conclusion, Broke Even’s debut single is a triumph of crazy, imaginative, and kooky musicality. Once you’ve experienced the unique sound of Broke Even, returning to conventional music won’t be easy. With a full-length album already recorded and another in progress featuring professional session musicians, the future looks promising for Broke Even, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter in Tony LoSchiavo’s musical journey.

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Broke Even, led by South Windsor musician Tony LoSchiavo, have unveiled their two-song single, ‘Turn The Volume Down’ and ‘You Dying,’ blending punk and avant-garde influences into an eclectic musical journey. With politically charged lyrics and innovative compositions, the release showcases Broke Even’s commitment to creative excellence, setting the stage for a promising future as they prepare to launch a full-length album.
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