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If you reckon on Canadian alternative bands from the ’90s, names like Len (‘Steal My Sunshine’), the Barenaked Ladies, Matthew Good Band, Our Lady Peace, and Alanis spring to mind. Anyone who’s all about that era jam-packed with alternative tunes will heartily enjoy the release of Adam Ashten‘s ‘Teenage Days.’ A spanking new alternative rock track with power pop vibes that’s a real nod to ’90s teenage life.

Right from the jump, ‘Teenage Days’ grabs you with its killer lead guitar riff, sticking in your noggin like nobody’s business. Adam’s vocals kick in with that indie rock flair straight outta the ’90s, giving off those carefree vibes a la Kurt Cobain and Liam Gallagher. But, this isn’t just copycat — Adam has his own style – a laid back vocal delivery full of cool and catchy melodies.

When the chorus hits, it’s like a burst of power pop and pop punk energy. Catchy as anything, it’ll have you humming along in no time. I love the guitar solos. Simple, melodic and a great sound. I’m just a sucker for melodic solo’s and leads that don’t overcomplicate things. It takes me right back to the days when solos were all about the feel, no fuss.

Lyrically, ‘Teenage Days’ is a trip down memory lane to the ’90s, when afternoons were spent chilling in the park or parking lot and snagging tapes and CDs was the highlight of the week. It’s a nostalgia trip that’ll hit you right in the feels, reminding you of a time when anything felt possible. Although it’s based on Adam’s personal experiences, everyone who was a teenager in the ’90s can relate to it. It certainly took me back on a nostalgic journey. The song truly captures the essence of teenage life in a bygone era.

The music video is a gem too! It’s like stepping into a time machine back to the ’90s, with all the classic gear like a stack of CDs, Beavis and Butthead, Nintendo – and yeah, you guessed it, those legendary ’90s rock bands. The style and colours of the video are spot on for that ’90s vibe. And check this out – Adam’s decked out like a proper ’90s kid, cruising around on his Mountain / BMX bike cross. Ah, the memories 🙂

It seems the ’90s are hot again and ‘Teenage Days’ stands out as a belter of a tune, breathing new life into the decade’s musical legacy. No fancy autotune or overproduced nonsense here — just good old-fashioned writing and performing. After a couple of listens I didn’t hesitate to add this song to my personal music list. Can’t wait to see what else Adam Ashten’s got up his sleeve, and when that debut album drops… it’s gonna be mint!

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‘Teenage Days’ by Adam Ashten is a nostalgic homage to ’90s alternative rock, blending power pop elements with infectious melodies, relatable lyrics, and a music video that screams ’90s nostalgia. It’s a standout addition to the contemporary music scene, promising to reignite the passion for authentic alternative rock.


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