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Diving headfirst into Sunset the Machine’s latest offering, ‘Owl Scream,’ is akin to embarking on a journey through a musical cosmos. This Portland-based band, a force to be reckoned with since their riff-forging inception in 2018, has managed to concoct a spellbinding mix of punk, hard rock, and metal influences, all masterfully distilled in their latest release.

‘Owl Scream’ emerges as a paranormal thrill ride with a captivating lyrical narrative where fear takes center stage. The track, a musical space trip of epic proportions, unveils itself with heavy riffs that serve as the launchpad for a foray into psychedelic breakdowns and vocals that resonate with power.

Oregons Sunset The Machine

Sunset the Machine’s ability to seamlessly blend the realms of punk, hard rock, and metal is nothing short of remarkable, and, in my opinion, awesome! They create a vibe that feels nostalgic while at the same time cutting-edge. The guitar work, reminiscent of the buzzsaw-like prowess of Fu Manchu with the groove-laden riffs of Kyuss, establishes a foundation that sets the stage for the band’s musical prowess. The way the riff in ‘Owl Scream’ is structured and delivered reminds me of ‘American Woman’ by The Guess Who… and look at the dizzying heights that song took them to!

I was entranced by the vocals throughout, the sound a blend of ’70s classic rock in quality and almost apathetic stoner rock in delivery worked perfectly for the track. Trippy vocal effects, skillfully infused with cool delays, add an extra layer of depth, contributing to the otherworldly experience.

The instrumental breakdowns add space to the track as well, with the bass taking on a wah’d persona and the drums playing in a tribal, almost ritualistic fashion. Squealing guitars punctuate, engaging in a conversation of their own, while psychedelic vibes wash over the listener, creating a hypnotic atmosphere. I can only imagine how good witnessing a live rendition would be.

Sunset The Machine

Towards the end of ‘Owl Scream’ is where the true magic happens. The vocals reach their zenith, doubling down on their power, creating a crescendo that leaves a mark before the outro riffage. Reminiscent of Sabbath but tinged with dessert rock stoner sensibilities, it brings together a fusion that elevates the track.

In the span of six minutes, I found myself completely immersed, captivated by the musical landscape created by Sunset the Machine. ‘Owl Scream’ not only showcases their musical prowess but also sets the stage for their debut album, ‘First Contact,’ slated for an early release next year. With regional tours on the horizon for 2024, Sunset the Machine’s future looks bright, and I want to be blinded by it.

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Sunset the Machine’s ‘Owl Scream’ is a spellbinding fusion of punk, hard rock, and metal, delivering a captivating, otherworldly musical experience. The Portland-based band’s upcoming debut album, ‘First Contact,’ promises to elevate their immersive sound to new heights.


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