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Ladies and gentlemen, music enthusiasts and superhero aficionados, get ready to embark on a thrilling musical adventure with none other than the alt-rock crusaders themselves – THE HYBRIS! After their stellar debut album rocked our worlds in 2022, the dynamic international trio are back with their second full-length album, ‘Cozy Resistance.’ Brace yourselves for a musical voyage that’s sharp, to the point, and packed with a powerful punch of ’80s flair, punk attitude and pop anthems. Saving the world might be a demanding task, but for Ringo Rabbit, Beanie Bison, and Malcolm Mandrill, it’s just another day in the life of these three superheroes.

THE HYBRIS Cozy Resistance 1

Thanks for joining us! 

Beanie: My pleasure will be yours!

Your latest album, ‘Cozy Resistance,’ is out. What inspired it, and how does it differ musically from last year’s ‘Music, Vol. 1’?

Beanie: I am inspired by the Moonshine glistening just over the Horizon at my home in Utah. Makes me feel all oozy. It gives me peace, power to recharge and has this milky look to it and then I am smitten. I head down to the Ladies grazing in the flats for a suckle on a teat…

Ringo: We have opened the tabs a lot more for this one. The guitar and drum arrangements are a lot more on point and sonically it is a lot more colourful. 

Malcolm: The second instalment of THE HYBRIS has been a year in the making. It’s full of surprises, in your face guitar riffs and heavy beats and bass grooves. Throw in a twist of good melodies and then sugar coat the whole thing with lyrics that actually mean something, and you have the recipe for a THE HYBRIS album.

THE HYBRIS Cozy Resistance 2

What significance does the title of the album have?

Malcolm: Resistance is futile they say. We believe it is not. I have had firsthand experience. In the grand scheme we can all do our part to preserve the planet we live on. Resistance can be a cozy place when you take yourself not to seriously. 

What’s your favourite track on the album and what do you like best about it?

Ringo: ‘Heads Off’ is a call to arms and meets all the criteria of a rebel rock tune. We love it. The video that goes with it is a satirical look at the current autocrats in the world who should move aside for the benefit of all. And, there is a surprise appearance of a very famous person in it. Have a listen…   

Are there any themes or messages you hope listeners will take away from ‘Cozy Resistance?’

Beanie: A sense of urgency for change and maybe a little bit of hope that things might get better. This place is the only one we have and it is up to us to keep it a place that supports life. The second earth is a long way away and even though the Idea is sweet as sugar, unfortunately, it’s just part of a song.

Were there any creative differences when making the album? If so, how did you handle them?

Ringo: All the time but generally it would not be what it is without them. We’re all ready to put our egos aside and compromise. 
Beanie: Well, that’s what you say, but in the end it’s always your damn Rabbit ears that get the job done. 
Malcolm: Now calm it down Beanie, when you open your mouth to sing your Milk gets sour… 

What’s next for The Hybris? Do you have any additional releases, projects or tours on the horizon?

Beanie: Album 3 is on the way, and I am working hard on new tracks and sharpening my Horns. This will be an entirely different ride.

Ringo: Don’t say too much, Beanie. Keep it a surprise. But yes, expect the unexpected… 

THE HYBRIS Cozy Resistance 3

For fun… What’s the most unexpected or unusual musical influence that has shaped your work?

Ringo: I have been flooded, had to rebuild my Rabbit hole and lost my Piano in the process. A direct result of climate change. This has shaped a lot of my choices when it comes to the lyrics. Not a fun answer, but not everything is meant to be fun… 

Do you have a message for our readers?

Beanie: Our unfettered love for music and its echo across the planet has put us into a position of privilege. We want to thank every single one of our listeners and hope that they feel the same way about our music as we do. May the rock live on forever and peace to the world. Sayonara…

And there you have it, folks – THE HYBRIS, the caped crusaders of alternative rock, have delivered another knockout with ‘Cozy Resistance.’

But, the adventure doesn’t stop there! For all you aspiring remix maestros out there, THE HYBRIS are on the lookout for artists to remix their tracks for an upcoming remix album. Do you want to put your own spin on their superheroic sounds? Head over to and let your creativity soar!


THE HYBRIS already have their sights set on the future – work on the third album has already begun, promising more musical delights and superhero antics. So, stay tuned, keep it quirky, and join THE HYBRIS on their epic musical journey!

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