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In the tumultuous decade of the 1990s, the musical frontier was reshaped by the unrefined melodies of Nirvana and the evocative resonance of Pearl Jam. Their emergence marked a departure from the flamboyance and glitter of the preceding ’80s. Following in their wake, the surge of punk pop and punk rock laid the groundwork for a genre close to my heart: alternative rock.

Among the newcomers in this genre stands Repeat, a recently formed Swedish rock ensemble, poised to contribute to this dynamic genre. Their latest track, ‘You Would Know‘ found on their album ‘Repeat,’ blends elements of stoner rock, alternative melodies, and the essence of punk rock. The song’s hallmark lies in its repetitive yet compelling riffs and lyrical patterns.

Torbjörn Hallberg, a guitarist and vocalist based in Stockholm, co-founded Repeat alongside Johan Holmberg, previously associated with Liberator, a renowned Swedish ska rock band from Malmö. Later Mattias Belin joined on bass.

‘You Would Know’ emits a raw, gritty essence of punk rock, bursting forth with an explosion of energy. The track is characterised by fuzzy guitars, where a robust bass collides with restrained treble, lending the sound an added depth. Driven by a precise bassline, a snappy snare, and an open hi-hat, the song immediately evokes reminiscences of ’90s punk rock and the monumental giants like Green Day, Foo Fighters and Offspring. The vocals channel echoes of Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age, while the weighty guitars bear the signature grunge sound. The drums lift the song akin to the percussive force of Dave Grohl and they skillfully orchestrate the transition into the chorus, drawing subtle inspiration from The Hives, Mando Diao and Royal Republic (also bands from Sweden). Yet, maintaining a distinctiveness that is uniquely theirs. A simple lead guitar takes center stage during the instrumental break, steering clear of flamboyant solos or pretentious fills, in line with grunge’s ethos of simplicity. The outro, enlivened by backing vocals, injects renewed vigor into the composition. While the track maintains a consistent rhythm between its choruses and verses, its raw power ensures an exhilarating two-minute journey through unfiltered rock.

Repeat’s magnetic appeal spans a wide spectrum of alternative rock enthusiasts. The album, housing ‘You Would Know,’ offers a 20-minute surge of unadulterated alternative energy, securing its spot on my personal rock list.

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‘You Would Know’ by Repeat is a raw, energetic blend of stoner rock, alternative melodies, and punk rock elements. The track is an ode to the ’90s alternative rock with fuzzy guitars and pounding drums.


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