Thursday, May 30 2024

Californian Sam Feinstein, bassist of the synth-pop band The Monitors, drops a new solo track titled ‘Need Me’. Influenced by acts like the Talking Heads and Eurythmics, he fuses indie rock with synth-rock vibes. ‘Need Me’ takes you on a psychedelic journey, showing that Sam is capable of fusing sounds and styles into one solid experience.

In 2022, Sam started producing and releasing music under his own name. Previously, bassist of The Graysmith’s, he shared a stage with the New World Symphony and has appeared on various indie radio shows with his current band The Monitors. ‘Need Me’ is his latest solo project that delves into the topic of addiction.

The song kicks off with some swirling psychedelic synthesizers and haunting vocals that ride on a smooth laid-back drumbeat. A groovy bass line is pumping and the vocal effects transport you to another dimension… and beyond… with a mix of styles being adopted. It’s a blend reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s ‘Breathe’ with hints of The Apples In Stereo’s vocal stylings. And, just before the punchy, Weezer-esque power-pop chorus, the track takes an alternative turn, with some unique gritty vocals akin to Tom Waits and distorted guitars adding a grungy edge.

The song is a strange but curious blend of sounds and styles, creating an interesting wave of music. In the second verse, Sam’s vocals morph into a fusion of spoken word layered over palm-muted guitars, evoking a late ’90s to early ’00s alternative rock vibe. Again, the offbeat and eccentric vocal effects took me off into a psychedelic state… almost like embarking on a surreal journey through the depths of an LSD-induced trip. But, this makes perfect sense, because centred around addiction, the song adopts the perspective of the addiction itself, pleading for affirmation of love while subtly exposing the abusive nature of the relationship. This thematic depth perfectly aligns with the changing moods perfectly illustrated through the elements of the composition within the song.

The catchy chorus, varied vocal styles, and atmospheric synthesizer sounds immediately piqued my interest, but grasping the essence of the song is a bit challenging. Sam packs a multitude of ideas into a single track, but after a few listens the song really grows on you.

Sam has delivered a strangely beautiful indie synth-rock song that captures a lot of intriguing concepts in one track. His vocal versatility shines through, effortlessly transitioning from evil and gritty to power pop to spoken word, with each style carrying its own allure. The psychedelic undertones complement the song’s thematic essence, rendering it a truly interesting listen. I enjoyed it a lot and and looking forward to hearing more!

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Sam Feinstein brings forth ‘Need Me’, a fusion of indie and synth-rock vibes. Diving into the topic of addiction, he showcases his talent for vocal versatility and blending diverse sounds into one mesmerising and surreal experience.


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