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Cambridgeshire Alt-Rockers, Live Wire, make a bold return with ‘All In Good Time,’ featuring Alfie Thompson (vocals), Aslan Amjad (bass), Louis Glasby (rhythm guitar), Sammy Flowers-Nandi (lead guitar), and Jas Moore (drums). Merging late ’60s glam with a post-punk edge, the track is an angst-ridden masterpiece that showcases the band’s musicality.

Alfie’s solid, distinct and accented vocals stand out, complemented by clever guitar nuances from Louis and Sammy that become clearer with each listen, and well-placed bass fills from Aslan during the chorus. Jas’s tight drumming adds rhythmic bounce, while the keys contribute a dynamic punch in all the right places.

The lyrics, “Gonna make you mine, but all in good time,” serve not only as a romantic proclamation from one individual to another but also as an anthem, echoing Live Wire’s collective message to the nation… ‘we’re coming to get you!’

Live Wire Cambridgeshire Band

Drawing inspiration from influences such as Oasis, The Strokes, Pixies, Arctic Monkeys, Manic Street Preachers, Buzzcocks, Joy Division, and more, Live Wire’s ‘All In Good Time’ not only pays homage to their roots but reinvents these elements into a fresh and engaging sound.

For me, ‘All In Good Time’ has echoes of Arctic Monkeys’ early days full of attitude and youthful energy, the chorus leaves an indelible mark, ensuring a memorable and catchy experience. The track navigates a great breakdown in the middle that shifts the dynamic then builds up again into a face-melting guitar solo before the chorus takes us to the end… brilliantly!

Live Wire’s rapid rise in the Peterborough live music scene, sharing stages with Airways, Brave Liaison, and Bilk within the first three months of performing live in 2021, attests to their impactful presence. Playing key venues like The Soundhouse (Leicester), The O2 Academy (Islington), and The Cambridge Junction has further solidified their reputation. Live Wire’s journey from grassroots venues to larger stages, including a sold-out headline show at Camden Assembly, mirrors their evolving sound and growing fanbase. And, with tracks like ‘All In Good Time’ we can only see the band going from strength to strength.

Check out ‘All In Good Time’ now for a slab of alt-rock excitement. You won’t be disappointed.

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Live Wire’s ‘All In Good Time’ marks their triumphant return, blending glam influences from the late ’60s with a post-punk edge. The track showcases the band’s musical prowess, highlighted by distinct vocals, clever guitar work, and memorable choruses, making it a must-listen in the alt-rock scene. Check it out now for a dose of exciting, fresh sounds.


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