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Rotterdam based Eruption Artistique’s latest release, ‘Ball&Chain,’ (with The Smackbar) defies the norm and emphasises their identity as more than just a ‘typical‘ band. They’re a non-commercial collective of artists with a mission to inject creativity into our perception of life. This track, coupled with a visually engaging music video, exemplifies their message.

The intro to ‘Ball&Chain’ reminds me of the Black Keys’ signature style, the song bursts into life with thunderous drums and a gritty guitar that harks back to the era of ’60s and ’70s rock. It’s an instant allure, drawing you in with its magnetic energy. The interplay of female harmonies and deep male vocals during the verses creates an enthralling dynamic, further intensified by the hypnotic combination of organ and guitar riffs building up to the best part of the song: a chorus that’s both catchy and dreamlike, almost psychedelic in its evolution with each listen.

Hints of ’60s flower pop vibes intertwined with shades of Dandy Warhols create an auditory landscape that, oddly enough, evokes the same mesmerising sensation as the timeless classic ‘White Rabbit’ by Jefferson Airplane.

Song review of Ball&Chain performed by Eruption Artistique (feat. The Smackbar) The Indie Grid

But it’s not just the music that tells the story; the song’s meaning is vividly portrayed in their professionally crafted video. The visual narrative follows fugitives fleeing the clutches of law enforcement, a symbolic representation of breaking free from the metaphorical ‘ball and chain.’ The band’s performances are convincing, and the video’s production quality is undeniably top-notch – an achievement considering they handle every aspect themselves, from filming to selecting locations, crafting costumes, and even managing makeup. Their commitment to their craft shines through.

Ball&Chain (with The Smackbar)

‘Ball&Chain’ is an unrelenting rock anthem from start to finish. Eruption Artistique’s distinctive sound, where guitars and organ meld seamlessly, is elevated even further by the remarkable female vocals. Given their recognition on the Dutch Indie charts for previous works, this release seems destined for success. It possesses that magnetic quality that sets it apart from the sea of music, making it an absolute must-listen.

In summary, it’s a compelling recommendation for anyone seeking music that not only resonates but also challenges the status quo. Eruption Artistique’s ‘Ball&Chain’ (with The Smackbar) isn’t just a song; it’s a call to embrace life on your terms, backed by an irresistible musical journey that demands attention.

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Eruption Artistique’s ‘Ball&Chain’ (with The Smackbar) combines ’60s and ’70s rock vibes with mesmerising vocals and a compelling DIY music video. With a magnetic energy and distinctive sound, it’s a resounding anthem urging listeners to embrace life on their own terms.


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