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AVTUMNE, the enigmatic alt-rock singer hailing from the vibrant musical scene of Miami, Florida, unveils her latest song: ‘Running Away.’ Known for her deeply introspective lyrics, which often intertwine with themes of female empowerment, AVTUMNE’s music evokes a powerful blend of influences, ranging from the haunting tones of Lana Del Rey and Dolores O’Riordan to the energetic sounds of Paramore.

‘Running Away’ dives headfirst into the emotions of escapism, painting a vivid picture of the relentless pursuit of freedom from the burdens of daily life and inner turmoil. Produced in collaboration with the esteemed Latin Grammy Award-winning producer Marthin Chan from Afonico Music, the single emerges as a cathartic journey through the depths of existential angst.

The song kicks off with a subtle yet commanding rhythm, as drums and bass set the stage for AVTUMNE’s strong and impassioned vocals to enter. The addition of guitar adds layers of intensity, leading up to a chorus that hooks the listener and delivers a satisfying punch at just the right moment.

One of my favorite parts of ‘Running Away’ is the atmospheric backing vocals. They instantly reminded me of the ’90s alternative rock era and injected a dose of eccentricity into the mix, akin to the vibes of Pixies or Veruca Salt. In fact, AVTUMNE’s vocal performance throughout the song provided a strong dynamic range, with intriguing phrasing of an almost spoken delivery in places, that also reminded me of iconic ’90s frontwomen like Dolores O’Riordan and even Shirley Manson.

As ‘Running Away’ progresses, it transitions between verses and choruses, maintaining a strong momentum driven by a solid bassline, tight drums, and distorted guitars doing exactly what they need to help support the vocal and melody of the track. After the second chorus and short instrumental, the song breaks down with the drums dropping out, leaving vocals and guitar to carry it to its conclusion. (Interestingly, this is when the lyrics touch upon a therapist – during a break down… therapist… mere coincidence?). Personally, it left me wanting more, but that’s okay—I’ll just hit replay and go again.

In ‘Running Away,’ AVTUMNE offers a deeply personal reflection on the struggles of escaping inner turmoil and the weight of life’s decisions. The lyrics serve as an expression of the desire to break free from self-imposed constraints and these lyrics encapsulate the song’s theme of seeking liberation from the burdens of self-doubt and anxiety.

Cause I’m running away from myself tonight,

I’m tired of regretting and rethinking it all the time.

In a constant state of anxiety it seems,

Almost as if I’m walking through a dream.

Thinking of all the mistakes I could make in my life.

‘Running Away’ by AVTUMNE

AVTUMNE’s introspective words convey a sense of urgency and longing, reflecting the universal experience of feeling trapped within your own mind.

‘Running Away’ delivers a solid alt-rock experience that seamlessly blends deeper meaning with infectious energy. With its ’90s-inspired anthemic vibe, this single wouldn’t feel out of place alongside the works of alternative rock icons like Veruca Salt or Garbage. I’m looking forward to hearing what’s next for AVTUMNE.

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Explore AVTUMNE’s ‘Running Away,’ a captivating alt-rock journey blending unique and energised vocals and ’90s-inspired vibes. With introspective lyrics and infectious energy, it’s a cathartic anthem for breaking free from inner turmoil.
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