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Anthem for the Forgotten‘ by Paul Marotto is not just a song; it’s a soul-baring journey through the struggles of addiction and the profound impact it causes. From the opening chords, a haunting keyboard sets a tone that could easily be the beginning of a long-lost John Lennon track. The simplicity of the melody creates an intimate atmosphere, drawing listeners into a narrative that is as unfiltered as it is tough to listen to.

The lyrics hit hard, laying bare the artist’s personal battle with addiction.

Alone, on methadone,

And 41 fucking years has passed me by


Anthem for the Forgotten

It’s a stark admission. As the lyrics unfold, the weight of Paul’s experiences becomes palpable, and his voice, filled with emotion and truth, serves as a vessel for the struggles he’s faced. The personal connection is evident. The song began as an outlet for frustration, with the first lyric blurted out during a moment of introspection. It’s a journey of self-realisation, laid bare.

The chorus, punctuated by the entry of drums, elevates the song to the next level. “Don’t you let this moment pass you by… it’s a messed-up world,” Paul sings, inviting listeners to reflect on life’s challenges. The layers that build and follow, personally, took me on a genuine ‘lose yourself’ musical journey.

Before the guitar solo outro, Paul utters a nonchalant “Fuck it,” which, to me, makes you realise the song reflects a battle still being fought, and sometimes the frustration and resignation become a casual attitude towards giving up or, even, carrying on.

Throughout the track, echoes of musical giants like Bowie, Radiohead, and Lennon are discernible. Yet, Paul Marotto’s vocals carve out a unique space, reminiscent of Mark Oliver Everett. With each listen, I hear new things – clever and delicate intricacies augmenting the song on each repeat.

Paul Marotto

Beyond the music, the cover art featuring a wire-formed fox adds an intriguing addition also. Paul’s late-night encounters with the fox during the composition process became a symbol of connection. This unique bond, reflected in the cover, adds a further touch of personal significance to the single.

‘Anthem for the Forgotten’ is more than a musical composition-it’s a profound expression of life’s fragility. Paul Marotto’s openness about his struggles with addiction and mental illness gives his music a purpose that transcends entertainment. The single stands as a testament to the therapeutic power of music, offering solace, connection, and a shared understanding for those who have experienced similar battles.

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Paul Marotto’s ‘Anthem for the Forgotten’ is a soulful exploration of addiction, with haunting melodies and poignant lyrics laying bare the artist’s personal battles. The song transcends entertainment, offering a raw and therapeutic musical experience that resonates with those who have faced similar struggles.


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