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Today, we embark on a musical journey with a progressive rock ensemble that has emerged from the tranquil landscapes of Northern Germany. Formed in 2022, Aglasio is a four-piece powerhouse that weaves intricate melodies, complex rhythms, and intense vocals into a harmonious blend. Recorded and produced at the ambitious TuneWorks studio in Rostock, their debut EP, ‘For Those Who Tremble,’ showcases a diverse spectrum ranging from grunge to metal… let’s dig a little deeper.

Thanks for speaking to us. How did your musical journey begin, and what led to the formation of Aglasio in 2022?

Our musical journey began with our singer Kevin and our drummer Jan meeting each other at a Tool concert in Hamburg. They met just because Jan’s father, who plays in a cover band with our singer, had a spare ticket and needed a driver. Jan and Kevin realised that they were on the same page musically and decided to look for like minded musicians. They found the guitarist V in June and our bassist joined a little while later. She had to learn the songs for the first show in two weeks and did a great job. 

The EP, ‘For Those Who Tremble,’ covers a diverse range from grunge to metal. How did your collective musical tastes influence this eclectic mix, and did you face any challenges in ensuring a cohesive sound?

We are not the first band to say that we are moving between genres, yet it is especially true for us. Each band member has their very distinct personal influences that can clearly be heard. For example V’s admiration for Dream Theater is very visible in some of the guitar work, especially in the first song of the EP (‘Fallacy’). Our drummer obviously admires the work of Danny Carey, yet is also a fan of classically trained drummers such as Benny Greb. Our bassist adores Queen and Led Zeppelin. Bringing all these different tastes together was a challenge, yet created a very fertile creative surrounding in which all of the band members were heard and could provide something to each song. We were very lucky to work with an ambitious producer (TuneWorks), who felt up to the task of cooking these ingredients to a superb sonic stew. 

The lyrics explore inner struggles and the search for meaning. Can you share specific experiences or inspirations that shaped the storytelling in tracks like ‘Fallacy’ and ‘Mantra’?

Our singer Kevin comes up with these topics. ‘Mantra’ is a song that deals with the cheap and empty hunt for cheap dopamine you experience, when mindlessly scrolling through your phone in general, while specifically taking into account the experiences of porn addiction. ‘Fallacy’ works differently; it is based less on personal experience, yet on the observation, how people fall down into obscure and grotesque conspiracy theories. 

‘Threshold’ is described as a progressive metal fever dream. What inspired the atmospheric journey of this track?

Our whole song writing process for this EP was working our way from the guitar. V provided the main theme, which we then explored, both sonically. As Kevin then turned to the theme of reality and its subjective vagueness it was clear that this song needed a descent into madness. One thing leads to another, which in this case means a crescendo that collapses into itself, to emerge as a mad miasma filled by throat singing, guitar effects, odd rhythms and gut wrenching screaming, before the chorus comes back to punch the air out of the anticipated lung.

Aglasio Band Photo

Recorded at TuneWorks studio in Rostock, can you tell us how the studio environment contributed to the overall vibe of ‘For Those Who Tremble’?

TuneWorks were vital to the project. They did not only provide recording and producing resources but also twitched and tweaked some of our loose knobs, to make things tighter. The recording took place in a very calm, but focused surrounding. 

What musical adventures can we expect from the band in the future, following the release of this EP?

We are already writing on material that will be featured on our first full length record. It will show more of our progressive rock proclivities. Thematically it will be centered about a fantasy universe created by our bassist. And in 2024 we will do a live session recording of one previously not recorded song and our two first singles ‘Oscillation’ and ‘Only Truth.’ So, 2024 will be a busy year for us and we are very much looking forward to it. 

And, for fun… If each track on the EP were a distinct season, what would they be, and why?

‘Fallacy’ – Carnival (called the fifth season in Germany), because of its unpredictability.
‘Maps Of Meaning’ – Autumn, because of the colour of Kevin’s hair in the official video.
‘Mantra’ – Spring, because of the activity of tadpoles during that season.
‘Threshold’ – Winter, because Kevin feels happy as a kid in the snow while singing that chorus live.

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us.

Stay tuned for more musical adventures from Aglasio in the future, as they craft their first full-length record and prepare for a live session recording in 2024. Keep those playlists ready for a dose of unpredictable, expressive, and dynamic hard guitar music!

Give Aglasio some love and check out their socials. Until next time…

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