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Seasonal Falls, the brainchild of Switzerland-based songwriter Roman Gabriel, accompanied by the distinctive vocals and production of Andrew Pelletier, is a captivating indie music project that effortlessly spans the genres of indie-pop, indie-folk, and indie-rock. The duo’s influences from the ’90s, including artists like Elliott Smith, Pavement, Wilco, and Teenage Fanclub, are evident in the warm, mostly acoustic, and straightforward tracks that make up their upcoming debut album, ‘Happy Days.’

The first single to be showcased, ‘Happy Dayz,’ sets the tone for the album with its melancholic yet uplifting composition. The track’s ironic title belies its deeper message, exploring the paradoxes of contemporary life and the challenges posed by the environment, food, and the pharmaceutical industry. The lyrics cleverly touch on societal issues while advocating for finding solace in humor, distraction, and indulgence as coping mechanisms.

All water that you drink, making you ill.

All the food you can buy, poisonous too. 

But life is good and and pharma does, care all about us.

And there are pills, a lot of pills, they make you better, a while.

Happy Dayz

‘Happy Dayz’ distinguishes itself not only through its profound lyrics but also by emanating an authentic, organic vibe. The effortless vocals, gently accompanied by sleepy acoustic guitars, harmonies, and an overall laid-back atmosphere, captivated me from the very first listen. The meticulously crafted pacing, along with wonderful melodies, seamlessly integrates with a chorus that feels pure and uncontrived, showcasing Seasonal Falls’ inherent authenticity and natural musicality. There are no gimmicks or unnecessary embellishments; the band has masterfully crafted a song that resonates with sincerity. It’s evident that Seasonal Falls not only understand their musical identity but excel in bringing it to life.

Seasonal Falls Switzerland Duo

Seasonal Falls’ debut album is also a refreshing and genuine musical journey. I was lucky enough to listen to it at the tail end of 2023, and it quickly became one of my favorite albums of the whole year. The band’s laid-back approach and knack for crafting compelling songs will make it a beautiful addition to the indie music landscape. As a listener, I am excited to see where Seasonal Falls goes next, and as a fan, I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to experience their music live. If ‘Happy Dayz’ is any indication, fans of indie pop with a touch of nostalgia and thoughtful lyrics are going to massively enjoy Seasonal Falls’ upcoming releases.

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Seasonal Falls, a compelling indie music project led by songwriter Roman Gabriel and collaborator Andrew Pelletier, unveil their latest single ‘Happy Dayz.’ The duo skilfully combine thoughtful lyrics with an organic musicality to create an authentic and refreshing addition to the indie music landscape.
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