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Hailing from Los Angeles, Love Ghost has released ‘Angelic,’ a no-nonsense alt-rock ballad that digs into the theme of unrequited love. Inspired by the vibes of XXXtentacion’s ‘Joselyn Flores’ and the Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘Luna,’ the track comes strapped with a music video shot by Keith Coleman. Whilst a quietly reflective track, ‘Angelic’ is set to make some noise.

With ‘Angelic,’ Love Ghost skilfully blends vulnerability and a raw, stripped-down sound. The acoustic picking echoes Metallica’s ‘One’ and sets the stage, but it’s the thick, personal vocals that truly draw you in. Imperfections in the vocal delivery become the soulful realities that capture the authentic emotion. The dynamic guitar shifts, transitioning from picking to staccato strums and building steadily with full strums during the chorus, create a musical ebb and flow that holds your attention. The introduction of piano adds another layer and the intermittent synth creates a foreboding atmosphere. And, then, just when you anticipate a grand crescendo after the first chorus… there’s a deliberate retreat to the simplicity of vocal and guitar again.

This calculated restraint adds a level of intimacy that is both surprising and deeply satisfying. The familiarity of the song structure, because it doubles for the second half, works to its advantage, making it a comfortable and familiar journey. You now know this track, you’re sold.

‘Angelic’ could have easily headed down the route so many ballads do and offered a ‘big’ ending with overly emotional vocals, crashing drums and ‘paint by numbers’ approach. But, Love Ghost knows what he’s doing and it isn’t so much about what this song doesn’t do, but what it perfectly does… it captures the intended emotion.

Love Ghost

As the final notes fade away, there’s a sense of longing, prompting an immediate replay. At four minutes it feels like a fleeting moment.

‘Angelic’ is not just a song; it’s a masterful expression of emotion by an artist that understands the power of subtlety. The track offers a contemporary resonance that reminded me of YUNGBLUD, adding another layer to its appeal.

Love Ghost’s impressive list of accolades and collaborations, coupled with their upcoming releases, including ‘Dopeman’ and an album with Marilyn Manson’s guitarist Tim Skold, looks set to solidify their position as an innovator in the music scene.

‘Angelic’ is a beautiful snapshot of Love Ghost’s musical journey and certainly one that leaves you eagerly anticipating the next chapter.

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Love Ghost’s ‘Angelic’ is a raw alt-rock ballad on unrequited love, skillfully capturing authentic emotion with deliberate restraint. The track, accompanied by a video shot by Keith Coleman, leaves listeners anticipating the next chapter in Love Ghost’s musical journey.


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