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Today, we sit down for a quick chat with Australian musician Levi J. Burr to explore his debut instrumental solo album, ‘Another Domino Map.’ From Sydney, Australia, Levi’s music blends country, ambient, and fingerstyle guitar, offering a meditative and reflective listening experience—an apt antidote for the challenges of today.

Let’s find out more…

Hi Levi, thanks for joining us. Can you share the story behind the title ‘Another Domino Map’ and how it captures the essence of the album?

The album title song is a bit of a journey with lots of change and curveballs, a bit like life itself. After losing my mum quickly the year before last I really got to thinking about being grateful and trying to slow down. I guess it reflects that.

Collaborating with B.J. Cole and having Chuck Johnson mix and master the album is impressive. How did their contributions shape the overall sound, and what specific elements did each artist bring to the project?

Having B.J. play on the album was amazing, he has played wonderful parts for Spiritualized and The Verve for example. Really, in terms of the pedal steel guitar I was very hands off in what the head players did – and I was happy with first takes from all musicians. Chuck had a bigger influence on the way the record came out, having played on it as well as mixing and mastering it. I couldn’t be have been happier with the result.

What emotions or themes do you hope listeners will connect with while experiencing ‘Another Domino Map’?

The relaxing ones! There is a lot of nostalgia in these songs for me and people report reminiscing about all sorts of things as a response. After the lockdowns people are pretty tightly wound and I wanted to make an antidote for that.

Levi J Burr

Are there any tracks from ‘Another Domino Map’ that you’re particularly proud of, and if so, why?

I’m particularly proud of Twisted Glass. It’s kind of neat how it goes from a full on Nashville sounding pedal steel jam and then shifts gears into ambience and beautiful pedal steel shading from Will Van Horn.

Looking beyond the release of ‘Another Domino Map,’ what musical plans do you have for the future?

I’ve already recorded a second LP and am in the process of mixing it. I’m using Chuck’s mixes as a reference and it has been hard to get them to stand aside the mixes of a master engineer, but I’m getting close. New single comes on on January 27th. New album likely in June. Additionally I’ve been picking up session and tracking work in my studio and plan to continue forward with that.

And, a fun one— who would be your dream artist to see – whether physically possible or not?

I think to have seen John Fahey Live in Hamburg in 1978 would have been something.

Thanks Levi.

Be sure to check out ‘Another Domino Map,’ which is a testament to Levi’s versatile creativity and dedication. Stay tuned for more from this gifted musician and keep up to date with him via his socials. Until next time!

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