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It’s been a while since Jim Morrison from The Doors left our world. It was on the anniversary of his death that two Australian musicians, Dave and Rich, met each other at his Père Lachaise graveside in Paris. On that day, a musical bond was made, and Carnival Mind was born. The other band members are Wasp, Mr. Tibbs, and Violet B. In 2023, they released their album ‘Sky’s The Limit.’ I would describe it as an unplugged or acoustic album, but Carnival Mind say they just never plugged in. Influenced by classic rock music like The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and of course, The Doors, they produce straightforward acoustic music without overdubs, autotune, or other overprocessed effects. It’s about the emotion and energy of the song, not about perfection. And, now they’re back with a new release, ‘Lady Ayahuasca.’

This minimalistic and organic approach, where the melody and lyrics create the song, is also the case with ‘Lady Ayahuasca.’ When you hear the first notes of the track, you hear a Beatles’ influence but with an almost Eagles sound. It’s really cool how they manage to make a truly classic rock song as if the digital world never existed. The vocals are spot on, accompanied by great harmonies that drive the melody of the song. Although they’re from Australia, the lead vocal reminds me of Mick Jagger—solid, good, and with no intention of being perfect. In fact, the whole song has an early Rolling Stones vibe when they turned their hand to acoustics ala ‘Ruby Tuesday,’ ‘Wild Horses,’ etc. It’s the philosophy of keeping things simple and honest that lifts the song to its height. Knowing it’s recorded live, it feels like you’re listening to an MTV Unplugged album, with that same intention and passion. With only two acoustic guitars and vocals, Carnival Mind knows how to build tension and keep the listener engaged. And, like all the great hits in history, ‘Lady Ayahuasca’ was scribbled on the back of a beer coaster on a Friday night.

The Indie Grid song review of Lady Ayahuasca by Carnival Mind

The lyrics are poetically written. To me, it’s about finding out who you are, what you want, and finding your way in life. ‘Lady Ayahuasca’ seems like the oracle that shows you the way. Still, you’re the only person who can walk that path to happiness.

Carnival Mind have released another acoustic gem. Their philosophy is their formula for success. Don’t overcomplicate things and record a song live, organically and honestly. No fancy effects to distract you from the real meaning of the music. Although ‘Lady Ayahuasca’ sounds like a ’70s classic rock song, they manage to create a distinctive sound, and in a world with too many autotune and over-processed productions, it’s a relief to find bands like Carnival Mind.

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Carnival Mind’s latest release, ‘Lady Ayahuasca,’ showcases their minimalist approach to music, reminiscent of classic rock influences and characterised by raw emotion and authenticity, offering a refreshing departure from overproduced contemporary music.


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