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In an era where punk bands often reimagined pop and acoustic tunes into high-octane renditions, the evolution of rock songs into unplugged versions skyrocketed after Nirvana’s iconic MTV Unplugged album. Now, the unplugged movement thrives more than ever, and Evol Walks adds a captivating chapter to this trend.

Leah Martin-Brown, the dynamic frontwoman of Australia’s heavy rock sensation Evol Walks, unleashed a surprise with an acoustic cover of the Ramones’ classic ‘Pet Sematary.’ This track marks the second single from Evol Walks upcoming acoustic EP, following the success of their 2017 rock cover of ‘Spirit in the Sky,’ boasting over 550,000 streams on Spotify.

Known for their fiery, guitar-driven rock, Evol Walks takes a bold step into acoustic territory with ‘Pet Sematary.’ The song diverges from their usual musical landscape, kicking off with intricately woven acoustic guitar melodies that seamlessly meld with Leah Martin-Brown’s commanding yet soul-stirring vocals. This departure from their trademark sound elevates the classic, breathing new life into it.

The acoustics magnify the song’s dimensions, especially in the widened choruses, while Leah’s vocals soar and inject a fresh intensity into the track. In the second verse the electric guitar adds some layers of depth. Notably, the song takes an unexpected turn as the haunting violin enters during the second chorus, casting a melancholic spell over the song. This unconventional yet captivating violin solo, a departure from typical Ramones compositions, emphasises Evol Walks’ daring creativity and willingness to innovate.

What sets this rendition apart is Evol Walks’ versatility. Transitioning effortlessly from blistering guitar riffs to emotive acoustic interpretations showcases their musical prowess. Leah’s vocals take the spotlight and arguably surpassing even Joey Ramone in vocal strength.

Evol Walks’ tribute to an iconic band through their rendition of ‘Pet Sematary’ serves as a striking testament to their artistic depth. As anticipation mounts for their upcoming acoustic EP, the promise of further revelations teases at their multifaceted musical talents. This departure from their customary heavy rock style towards acoustic interpretations not only showcases their versatility but also underscores their musical agility. ‘Pet Sematary’ encapsulates Evol Walks’ prowess, providing a captivating preview into the evolution of their sound.

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Evol Walks’ acoustic cover of the Ramones’ “Pet Sematary” captivates with its versatile musicality, highlighting the band’s exceptional vocal performance and innovative creativity.


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